Near East University ROBOCUP World Champion in 2018

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Added On: 22 June 2018, Friday, 10:25
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Near East University ROBOCUP World Champion in 2018

Near East University Robotics Football Team NEUIslanders became the champion of the RoboCup 2018 Robots Football World Cup, known as the world’s most prestigious robotics tournament.

Press and Public Relations Directorate of the Near East University released that the NEUIslanders team participated in the RobuCup World Championship in Montreal this year for the seventh time, and became the World Champion after wins and 2 draws.

Team captain Ersin Aytac said they were happy and proud about the championship they achieved. Aytaç, “We are proud to announce that for the seventh time we have joined the Robotic World Cup in the name of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus and this time we became the champion of the world. We are proud to wave the flags of the Near East University and the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus in the upper rows and we are happy to return to the island with such a successful result “.

No defeats in 6 matches…
NEUIslanders, getting ahead of 13 teams from the United States, Germany, Iran, Japan, China, the Netherlands and Colombia in the league of the Robotic World Cup champions, won the championship without being defeated by any others.

NEUIslanders, who played the first match on the tour with the Robojackets team of the Georgia Institute of Technology from the United States, won the match 1-0 win. In his second match, he tied 0-0 with Brazil’s Military Engineering Institutional University, which won the South American Open Tournament this year. On the second day of tournament, NEUIslanders, defeating the University of British Columbia’s “Thunderbots” team from Canada, reached up to the leadership position, completing the match 2-0. In the second match, NEUIslanders defeated the University of Laval’s “Ultron” team 2-0, and getting the advantage of this match, kept the leadership position. The Near East University Robotics Football Team challenged the “AIS” team from Chile on the third day of the tournament and won the match 7-0. NEUIslanders, who played the last match of Robocup with AMC team, tied 0-0 in this match. Having these scores, Near East University Robotics Football Team NEUIslanders RoboCup finished 2018 as the champion of the tournament.

Assoc.Prof. Dr. İrfan S. Günsel: “World Championship is a gift to Turkish Cypriots from us …”
Near East University President of the Board of Trustees Assoc. Prof. Dr. İrfan S. Günsel stated that the Robotics Football Team developed by the Near East University Robotics Laboratory is proud of reaching the Robocup 2018 Robotics Football World Cup Championship held in Canada.

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Günsel, “We became the World Robot Football Championship in Canada without being scored even a single goal. I sincerely congratulate our team and our robots, and we are happy and proud that we are now presenting the World Championship to the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus. ”

Assoc. Prof. Dr. stating that the Robotic Football Team’s world championship is in line with the university’s vision of being among the third generation universities and also is one of the most beautiful examples of reaching to this target, said “We have shown that we can compete with giants of the world in the field of technology and reach even to the world championships, have increased our enthusiasm for continuing our studies in this area and once again showed what can accomplish our tasks when Turkish Cypriots are given a chance. I wish that this proud achievement will also inspire our country’s studies in other fields “.

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