Who Are We?

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Hello there,

Us again! In fact, we, the new Human Resources team empowered with a new energy, established the new Human Resources Department of the Near East University.

We are a team of HR specialists experienced in their fields who believe that the power of the institution essentially comes from the motivation of the staff. We are dedicated to HR traditions, open to various and constructive ideas, advocate the policy of equal opportunities for everyone. In short; we are Human Resources specialists who believe that different values contributed to the institution by different employees are the first step on the way to success.

We have developed the HR processes through an action plan in order to implement them in line with the objectives of the University.

Accordingly, we would like to share with you below the responsibilities of the HR Department:

  • To prepare HR data such as the demographic structure, job descriptions etc.
  • To improve and manage recruitment processes,
  • To organize orientation, rotation and in-service training processes,
  • To manage all the personnel rights,
  • To support the development and implementation of performance management processes,
  • To create a career plan in personnel training-development process,
  • To implement motivation-based rewarding processes,
  • To manage personnel-oriented internal communication activities,
  • To create quarterly and annual human resources reports and to report to top administrative units,

The Human Resources Unit is founded under the leadership and supervision of Assoc. Prof. Dr. İrfan Suat Günsel, Chairman of the Board of Trustees. The Human Resources Team and HR Department, which was founded as a core team in the past years, has now been reorganized in order to be a primary department with the participation of experienced people, and its fields of activity have been expanded.

The main objectives of Human Resources Department is essentially to asses and evaluate the employee activities in the most efficient manner in line with the goals and strategies of the organization. In the world, this area of work was first carried out under the title of “Personnel Management”.  However, due to many sociological changes such as the development of technology, increase in awareness and cultural levels of societies, this concept has left its place to a new phrase called “Human Resources”.

In this respect, organizing the University’s Human Resources structure and regulating its processes, will surely contribute to the development of the staff as well as providing solid support to the University in making progress towards its goals. As the Human Resources Department, we do kindly request your precious support throughout the implementation of our activities and policies. Please be reminded that, even a little help from you will surely add a great value to our University.

Truly yours,
Near East University
Human Resources