What We Offer to Our Employees

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Equal Opportunities Policy
As part of the mission and institutional policy of the Near East, we are committed to providing equal opportunities for all our employees. Diversities in our workforce is regarded as a wealth for our school and fully supported. All decisions related to our employees are given regardless of the employee’s gender, age, beliefs, ethnicity, nationality, marital status, health status, physical disabilities and sexual preferences. Any form of discrimination or harassment targeting our employees is not tolerated by our institution.

In all our human resources policies and processes, ethical principles are taken into consideration and practiced with respect to basic principles of the institution.

Utilization of Technology in the Working Environment

  • Internet use
  • Desktop Computers

Compensation and Benefits
Our salary and additional benefits policy is based on our employees’ competencies, previous work experience, the tasks and responsibilities they undertake and their training experience. It is aimed to make a sustainable, fair and innovative policy which rewards the successful employees.

Training and Development
Education and development activities are managing by HR in Near East University. In addition to classroom training, it is intended that employees who need training from alternative channels such as e-learning receive the required training facilities. All employees are provided with educational development support for their needs through technical trainings and leadership programs within the scope of the Institution’ Personal Development categories that aim to support the professional development of the employees.

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