1st International Symposium on Ageing Human and Society will be held at Near East University

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Added On: 13 October 2018, Saturday, 14:17
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1st International Symposium on Ageing Human and Society will be held at Near East University

Near East University will host “The Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus International Symposium on Ageing Humans and Society: Today & Tomorrow”.

Near East University Directorate of Press and Public Relations Office released that the symposium would be at the Orange Hall of NEU Faculty of Communication at 09.30 on Monday 15 October 2018.

By underlining the constant alteration process of being elderly in different societies, the symposium aims to provide platform to discuss all aspects of ageing and exchange ideas about how to make the life for elderly people more significant by conscious and planned applications.

Since there is a significant increase of the share of older individuals in the society due to rising in life expectancy, the symposium also attaches a special focus on discussing how to ensure an increase as well in the number of elderly people willing to participate in society actively. In this regard, the symposium constitutes a forum where a broad of multidisciplinary academics and practitioners involving in the field of ageing exchange ideas regarding the issue.

Field Experts will discuss different aspects of ageing…..
Professor Ismail Tufan, President of the National Association of Applied Gerontology, Professor Terence Seedsman from Victoria University Melbourne, Professor Bernd Seeberger from UMIT University, Neurology Specialist Dr. Melih Vural, and İkuko Murakami from Akdeniz University will respectively deliver speeches on “Ageing in Turkey”, “How to Live a Better and Quality Life”, “The Importance of Care in Erderly People and Gerontolgy”, “Alas! My Mom is Alzheimer” and “Current Information Regarding Gerotechnology in Japan”

Based on Scientific Facts, It will be proven that ageing is a plannable life process…
Delivering information regarding the symposium, the Dean of Faculty of Health Sciences Professor Sevinç Yücecan stated that the “Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus the 1st International Symposium on Ageing Human and Society” had been designed to discuss how to improve the quality of life of the elderly people and put a smile on their faces especially on these days that we begin to feel the pressure of social ageing in different aspects of life.

Underlining that the symposium would be a significant feast of science with the participation of national and international scientists and scholars, Professor Yücecan stated that the participants would provide contribution not only to the science but also to the general impression of our country and to the perception of distinct employment fields.

“The symposium not only puts forth scientific facts that old age is a plannable life period, but also draws attention to gerontological applications. The goal is not merely to bring the challenges onto the table, just in contrary, to remove them from the table by resolving them. Demographic change is an issue that requires close concerns for a young and dynamic future. Consequently, local and central governments should attach a special focus on obtaining appropriate information regarding the issue. In this regard, this symposium is the embodiment of the desire to provide the appropriate information they need to produce better policies to address the challenges of the ageing society” said she.

The Social and Practical Dimensions of Social Ageing in our country will be discussed…
Underlining the significant role of the symposium in raising awareness on ageing society, the symposium coordinator Professor Ismail Tufan said that it would be the first symposium in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus which provides platform to discuss all aspects of ageing including gerontology, sociology, demography, psychology, media, tourism, economics, and medicine.

“We can’t consider ageing merely as a process of losing competence. On contrary, it can be considered as a process of gaining competence in using economic savings, social and conceptual accumulations during the old age. The social and practical dimensions of social ageing of our country will be discussed. In addition to the current gerontological issues, tabooed issues will also be discussed. We continue our efforts to open the doors of Near East University to the world of Gerontology” said he.

For Further information regarding the “1st International Symposium on Ageing Human and Society: Today & Tomorrow”, please visit www.neu.edu.tr or call (0392) 680 20 00 (Extension 5280).