Herbarium Center

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Plants constitute a significant portion of natural sources of World. Countries realizing this fact have carried out studies, of which roots date back to past, to explore these sources, evaluate the dimensions of sources, and to protect them. Some parts of these efforts and studies were carried out in botanic gardens and herbarium centers. The only herbarium center of our county was opened in Faculty of Pharmacy on 13 November 2007 to introduce the richness and diversity of flora of the world to our students and our people. The center was opened as a part of the project called ‘Inventory of Regions of Botanically Important Flora’, through the contributions of Embassy of Turkey, Division of Environmental Protection and Natural Sources, which is a part of the Ministry of Environment and Natural Sources, Ministry of Economy and Tourism, and NEU Institute of Earth, Sea, Atmosphere and Environmental Sciences. The Herbarium Center consists of 5200 flora samples and endemic species gathered from the natural environment of TRNC. The center obtained its international code in July 2007.

Some of our aims are to carrying out research about the species of flora of our island, protecting endangered species of flora, carrying out studies on plants bearing economic value, working in cooperation with other herbarium centers established around the world by exchanging seed catalogues and dried herbarium samples, introducing samples of flora to our students and to public.

We have collections of phanerogams (flowering plants), mushrooms, and algaes in our Herbarium Center. As a result of studies carried out so far, 6200 samples of species are collected in our Herbarium Center, and it is aimed to improve this number in the following years as well as developing as the biggest herbarium center of the island.