Health and Wellness Center

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The Health and Wellness Centre of the Near East University is fully equipped with various sports devices and is situated in an area of approximately 2000 m2. A healthy workout environment is provided with the guidance provided by qualified physical training instructors and also with the doctors of the Health Unit, based within the Health and wellness Centre. Qualified people prepare programmes and diets according to the needs of individuals and they are assisted by a medical team; consisting of a specialist MD and nurses. Furthermore, the Sports Health Laboratory (Performance Lab.) located within the centre, offers individualized; physical fitness tests and diet programmes. In addition, special durability, performance, control and follow-up tests of sports clubs are also done. There are both indoor and outdoor activities available at the centre. The indoor activities are; step, aerobic, Pilates, Schwinn Cycling, Tai-chi-chuan, gluteal/abdominal group exercises whereas the outdoor activates are; nature walks, beach walks, cycling and yacht tours. Besides the students and staff of the university, everyone from the public can benefit from the activities s mentioned above. They can also benefit from medical examination at the centre, free of charge. In emergency incidents, patients are transferred to the Near East Hospital by a fully equipped ambulance.

How can you benefit from this facility?
To benefit from this facility, you are required to get a health certificate from the Health and Wellness Centre. The health certificate will be given after the scientific evaluation of physical fitness tests which will be carried out under the guidance of a doctor at the Performance Lab within the centre.