Directorate of General Services and Dormitories

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General Directorate
The General Directorate of Near East University provides the highest level of services for accommodation, security, cleaning, nutrition, and transportation with almost a thousand employees.

Depending on the students’ needs, there are dormitory opportunities with reasonable prices and conditions.

Three different options of dormitories and Special Accommodation Opportunity:

  • Economic Dormitory
  • Standard Dormitory
  • Luxurious Dormitory
  • Residence (Special Accommodation Opportunity)

Students are provided with every opportunity to feel the warmth and comfort of a home. On campus, there are 14 dormitories available and they have a total capacity to accommodate 4.500 students. The accommodation services are available with prices starting from 1000 € annually.

24-hour security service is provided on campus. The security unit carries out duties with the contemporary security understanding: ‘take precautions, be considerate and do not disturb anyone’.

Internal Services Unit: Aims to supply a healthy and hygienic environment. This is carried out by providing continuous services with 350 staff.

Canteen Cafeterias Unit: As well as having an understanding of health and hygiene, eating is turned into pleasure by providing a large variety of food.

There are restaurants, also available, to have breakfast, lunch and dinner with reasonable prices. At the same time, there are cafeterias available, offering various catering services for 24-hours with reasonable prices.

Transportation Unit: With shuttle services, the students are able to get free and regular transport between the city centre and the university. This service is provided to students with more than a 100 public transport vehicles, starting services from 07:00 until 23:00.

Training and Activities of the Directorate of General Services and Dormitories

  1. Directorate of Security
  2. Directorate of Internal Services
  3. Directorate of Canteen Cafeterias
  4. Directorate of Transportation