Canteen, Restaurant and Cafeteria

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Central Cafe (Student Restaurant)
NEU Central Cafeterias and other units can seat up to 3,000 people, various types of food and drink s are availablel throughout the day to meet the nutrition needs of students and university staff.

Staff Restaurant
This restaurant is design to satisfy the food needs of the teachers. Except weekends and public holidays, it opens from 11:30 to14:30. It is a self-service restaurant with an open buffet, and offer several different dishes and drinks.

Kopru Restaurant
The cafeteria is located at the central shopping center on campus, it offers a wide variety of food and drinks range such as pizza, spagetti, kumpir, salad and beverages and is open between 07.30am – 24.00pm.

Canteen and Cafeterias

Cafe of Engineering Faculty
This cafeteria can seat up to 150 people, it takes place on the top floor of the faculty. It serves hot-cold food and drinks. Apart from Sunday and public holidays it is open from 07:30 – 20:00.

Cafe Dolphin
It’s located at the entrance of Arts and Sciences Faculty. Drinks and fast food are available and is open between 07:30- 17:00.

Business Administration Cafeteria
It’s located in the center of the faculty. You can meet your beverage and food needs from this cafeteria. For entertainment purposes there is music box, computer game machines, and tilt machines. Except on Sunday and public holidays, serving hours are between 07:30 – 19:00.

Cafe of Law Faculty
Hot and cold drinks, fast food types and kebab are ready for your picking. Machines for your amusement and pool table are also available. Apart from on Sunday and on public holidays serving hours start and finish between 07:30 – 18:00.

Cafeteria of Architecture Faculty
This cafeteria can hold up to 110 people. Drinks, fast-food, and roster foods are ready for your choosing. Also, there is tilt game machine and computer machines, and a pintable presented for your enjoyment. Except Sundays and public holidays serving hours are between 07:30 – 18:00.

Cafeteria of Arts and Sciences Faculty
The cafeteria is located on the top floor of the faculty. You can buy your drinks and food there. For students’ entertainment, there are some computer game machines. It has got a scenic, wide balcony. Except Sundays, it is open everyday.

Fuaye Canteen
This canteen is located at Atatürk Cultural & Congress Center, as other canteens it offers dishes, hot and cold beverages with different kinds of appetizers. Except Sundays, it is open between 07:30- 18:00 o’clock.

Borek House
The house is located at the center of shopping area, next to the Bridge Cafe, it is a place where traditional pastries are prepared like Turkish ravioli, waffle and more. It has a special Eastern corner designed authentically, where people can eat and drink a wide variety beverages. It is open between 08.00-24.00 everyday.

Vitamin Bar
The cafeteria is located in the Health Center, along with appetizer types, fresh fruits, fresh fruit juice, hot-cold drinks, fruit yogurt, diet foods etc., are available. Healthy nourishment is absolute in this place.

Cafe Amfi
The cafeteria is next to the classrooms of Department of Civil Engineering. It has the capacity to host around 300 people, all kind of pitta bread and kebab dishes are available for students.

Chicken House
The cafeteria is located at the central shopping-center, the servingcapacity is about for 300 people. All type of chicken related foods, hot-cold drinks with entertainment opportunities are available. The Cafe is open everyday between 08:00am-24:00pm.

Cafe Saray
The cafeteria is located inside the Education Palace, offers a wide
variety of food and drinks. It is open between 08:00-22:00.

Cafe Library
It is in the Grand Library and it serves hot-cold drinks , fast food , snacks and several kind of pastries sold with very reasonable prices.

Cafe Dental
Cafe is located at the entrance of Dentistry Faculty, it provides service between 07:30-17:00 hours. Mostly pastries & tartes, sandwiches, toast and hot-cold drinks are also available.

Cafe Ecza
Café Ecza is located at the entrance of Faculty of Pharmacy and Institute of Health Sciences. It offers service between 07:30-17:00 hours. Mostly pastries & tartes ; Adana kebab, meatballs, sandwich, toasts along with hot-cold beverages are available.

Cafe Communication
The cafe is located at the ground-floore of Communication Faculty, its open from 07:30am-17:00pm. Pastries & tarts are mostly available along with kebabs such as Adana kebab, chicken shish, inegol meatballs, sliced meat (doner), sandwiches with hot and cold drinks.

Dormitory Canteens
1., 2., 4., 5., 6., 7., 8., 9., 10., 12., 14. Dormitory Canteens
Soup, sandwich, toast, pastries, sweets, snacks and all sorts of drinks are available. It is in the form of a small supermarket and is open between 07:30 and 24:00. Students can watch TV in these canteens.

Primaryschool Canteen
The canteen is located within the premises of Near East Primary School, it is designed to meet students’ food and drink needs for reasonable prices. It is in the form of a mini market.


Main Kitchen
It is the central cooking house where all sort of food and dishes, and drinks are prepared and distributed to canteens, restaurants and cafeterias to meet students’ and staff’s food and drink needs.

Primaryschool-College Kitchen
It is the newly established, modern dining hall especially designed to be in service for students of pre-school, primary school and college. It is capable of preparing food and dishes for 2000 people.

Primaryschool Dining Hall
It is located inside the Near East Primary School, it is designed in a way to satisfy the needs of our young students with the most reasonable price range.

Here is prepared food products for special occasions such as birthday cakes, sweet types on request. It is the main unit which prepares the pastries or any type of sweet to meet the needs of students and staff on special occassions.

Medi Cafe
It is located the first floor of Faculty of Medicine. It offers sliced meat (doner) and kebab types along with kumpir, sandwiches, toast and pastries, it is open between 07:30-16:00.

Tekno Cafe
The Tekno Café is located at the entrance of Innovation Center and is offering fast food menus, fix menu and sauced nourishments. It is open between 07:30-17:00.