Atatürk Cultural and Congress Center

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The Near East University Atatürk Cultural and Congress Centre (ACCC) is distinctively designed and equipped with the latest technology to serve all kinds of national and international congresses, seminars, meetings, conferences and cultural activities. Besides having an excellent architecture and technical infrastructure, the ACCC has four conference halls, one grand hall, two theatre lobbies, and an art exhibition gallery with supportive service units. Equipped with central heating-cooling systems, the ACCC comprises a TV studio, simultaneous translation rooms, managing offices, changing and makeup rooms and décor rooms.

Without the need for external services, the ACCC is capable of functioning on its own. During congresses at the centre, it is possible to set up stands for fairs and art exhibitions.

Our university as a body provide 7/24 public access to the campus and other areas in the city which hold the green and open spaces, library, halls, sport fields, monuments, exhibitions of cultural heritage etc.

All participants of congresses, conferences, seminars and meetings are provided the following by NEU Atatürk Culture and Congress Centre:

  • Technical Tools for Presentations
  • Audio visual Devices
  • Barco and Data-show
  • Video recording
  • Audio recording and live broadcasting system
  • Internet and video conference
  • Electronic slideshow
  • Electronic OHP
  • Secretary services
  • Fax-telephone-photocopy and computer systems
  • Food and Drink Service
  • Accommodation
  • Hotel and plane reservations
  • Airport transport
  • Car Rent
  • Tours in and out of city and cruise with Near East TEAL
  • Transportation services
  • Shopping Centre
  • Sports Facilities and NEU Indoor Olympic Swimming Pool

ACCC- Grand Hall

NEU provides social and cultural activities and at the same time, contributes to the productivity of science at TRNC. Besides having a capacity of 700 seats, the Grand Hall has been designed and built with stage opportunities to be suitable for concerts, theatres, operas, and cinema and bale shows.

In order to provide the highest level of safety and security for the participants, fire detecting systems have been placed within the infrastructure that can automatically function with the danger of fire. The ACCC has 7 entries-exits, an emergency exit and a service door. There are also steal-fire poof curtains which are very important to have in the case of fire: They curtains can separate the stage from the audience to provide safety. In addition to all the mentioned features of the ACCC, the ventilation, heating and cooling are carried out by a mechanical air-conditioning system.

The stage area is 163.85 m2 and within this area there are; décor suspension systems, backstage curtains, cyclorama curtains, tormentors, main valence curtain, all types of infrastructure needed for a theatre and an orchestra pit which has a depth of 185 cm. The Grand Hall has been designed to be multi-purposed, in such that; its acoustic calculations and design makes the hall suitable for symphonic concerts and chamber music. Within the hall, there are also lighting systems, sound systems, soffit pipes, stage decors, cinemascope and data projector display screens, which are all, connected to a control system and are operated /controlled from a central computer. Live audio broadcasting is also possible to make from the Grand Hall to the other halls within the ACCC. There are also dressing and resting rooms at the backstage of the Grand Hall.

Hall I–Hall II–Hall III–Hall IV
Lounge- Exhibition Hall

The Atatürk Culture and Congress Centre- Near East University, has the privilege of hosting all types of social and sportive activities with its innovative technologies. It is positioned in an area which is far from the noisy environment of the city. You have the opportunity of being privileged by having a meeting, seminar or congress with the minimum expense per person. The halls are designed as amphitheatres with all types of technical infrastructure, including central heating-cooling systems. It is possible to have a cocktail for 700 people in the ACCC lounges. It is also possible to put stands up during congresses within the exhibition hall which has a total area of 4.444m2.

Capacities of Halls:
Hall I: 137 Seats
Hall II: 132 Seats
Hall III: 93 Seats
Hall IV: 93 Seats