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Triple Amphitheatres
The amphitheatres were built in order to provide service for the academic units of the NEU. Besides the grand hall located in Ataturk Culture and Congress Centre, there are three more halls in our University enabling our students and academic units to make use of them.
These halls are;

Orange Hall
Green Hall
Blue Hall
As well as being well equipped by the presentation and stage equipments, there are also air-conditioning systems in every hall.

The Blue Hall
The Blue Hall is located in the Faculty of Maritime Studies and has a capacity of 110 people. There are lots of technological facilities within The Blue Hall enabling the students and academic units to hold seminars, panels and sessions. Moreover, just like other halls, The Blue Hall also equipped with modern air-conditioning systems.

The Orange Hall
The Orange Hall is located in the Communication Complex, Faculty of Communication and has a capacity of 200 people. As this hall takes place within the Faculty of Communication, it is mostly equipped with modern technical infrastructures such as lighting systems, cameras, simultaneous translation facilities, audio-visual systems. Therefore, besides being suitable for lectures this hall can be used as a studio for recordings.

Quartet Amphitheatres
The Quartet Amphitheatres are located in Grand Library as Hall 1, Hall 2, Hall 3 and Hall 4. These amphitheatres as well equipped with the latest technology and suitable for presentations, seminars, sessions and lectures.