What We Offer

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Emergencies: For all emergencies such as health, security, fire and other emergency services our 24-hour service teams can be reached on the domestic phone number 256.

Security: The campus area is kept under control and supervision by our experienced security personnel for 24 hours.

Cleaning: General cleaning of all dormitories is carried out by our cleaning staff in accordance with health and hygiene rules.

Food & Beverage Facilities: In our dormitories, canteen service is provided every day until 24:00. There are also vending machines for biscuits and beverages in some dormitories. In addition to this, there are many table d’hote and selective restaurants, cafeterias, fast foods, patisseries and so on.

Kitchen Facilities: All dorms have kitchens. In these kitchens, dining tables and chairs, kitchen sinks and material cabinets, as well as electric cookers are available for the common use of our students.

Room Furnishings: Every student staying in our dormitories is provided with a mattress, mattress protector and other furnishings (bed linen, pique, blanket etc.) should be provided by our students.

Upholstery Fixtures: In our rooms, in accordance with dormitory standards, basic materials such as a bed-bunk bed for each student, desk, bookcase, wardrobe, chair, refrigerator, TV and a telephone are available.

Safety Rooms: On our campus, we have a safety room where students can leave their belongings.

Transportation: The connection of our dormitories with Nicosia City Center is provided by our scheduled shuttle services. Our service vehicles are free for all our students.

Maintenance: Our maintenance and repair teams are able to perform all kinds of interventions and repairments on electrical, electronic, plumbing, construction and carpentry.

Health Service: We have a health center to meet the emergency health services of our students. In addition, health services can be obtained from the Near East University Hospital, which provides service with its experienced staff on our campus on 7/24 basis.

Psychological Counseling and Guidance: The Psychological Counseling Guidance and Research Center, located in the Faculty of Law building, can be used free of charge by all of our students.

Study Rooms and Workshops: There are study rooms and drawing tables in all dormitories.

Electrical Appliance Uses: The use of overloaded electrical devices such as stoves, radiators, cookers, microwaves, ovens, air conditioners, and holographic lighting is not permitted for security reasons.

Internet: UTP wired network connection is standard in dormitory rooms. Our students can connect to the Near East network of 100 megabits and have free internet access for academic purposes.

Heating Systems: The interiors of our dormitories are heated by a central heating system.

Laundry Services: We have laundry facilities serving all our dormitories. On-campus dry cleaning service is also provided (Guest House, ground floor).

Shopping Opportunities: Within the campus of our university, shopping services are provided to meet almost all the needs of our students in the most appropriate way.

Car park: There are many parking lots around our dormitories.

Postal-Cargo Services: There is a post office branch on our campus and it provides all necessary services to meet the postal and cargo needs of our students.

Sports Facilities: There are extensive sports facilities on campus that our students can benefit from (indoor swimming pool, basketball, volleyball, tennis court, carpet pitch, Health and Fitness Center).

Telephone Services: In our dorm rooms, internal telephone service is provided according to the status of the accommodation type, and some dormitory entrances are equipped with payphone services and payphone services are also provided in Atatürk Culture Congress Center and Grand Library complex. You can reach our students directly through the telephones in rooms. (Example 0392-680-2020, room number and dormitory number are included.)

Banks / ATMs: Near East Bank branch, Ziraat Bank, İş Bank branches and ATMs are at the service of our students.