Frequently Asked Questions

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Students are allowed to move in the dormitories one week before the starting/commencement date of the academic year and must leave the dormitory at the latest one week after the graduation date (15 September-7 July)
Dormitory fees are charged in full for the first two months of late registration. For late registration after two months, a 10% discount is charged out of the full dormitory fee.
In case of leaving the dormitory, no refund will be made out of the dormitory fee. Only the deposit of the dormitory fee is transferable to the tuition fee.
You may have the opportunity to choose your roommate if you register together. After registration in the dormitories, an application can be made to the Dormitory Directorate and, if possible, the Directorate will take the necessary steps.
If you apply to the Dormitory Directorate in writing, your request will be met within the available means.
If you apply to your dormitory manager in writing, dormitory and room changes can be made provided that you pay the dormitory category difference within the scope of possibility.
For reservations starting in April, you must contact the dormitory office. Bookings are subject to payment of 25% of the dormitory fee. The due balance must be completed by the end of the registration period.(Those who have passed the registration period are subject to pay a penalty, the dates of registration period are determined by the dormitory management every year.)Students who have a due balance from previous periods are required to complete their late payments.
The registrations of students shall be deleted in case of exceeding absenteeism for 15 days.
Last entry to the dormitories is at 24:00
Check-out time starts at 06:00
During the holiday period, only registered dormitory students who bring written documents from the faculty or department indicating that the education program is continuing can stay in the dormitories determined by the administration.
Students staying in dormitories cannot accommodate boarding guests in their rooms. However, the student has the opportunity to host a first-degree relative in the guest house for a daily fee (depending on the availability of the facilities of the Guest House).