Regulation of Dormitories

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Article 1
Near East University student dormitories are governed, run and controlled in accordance with the provisions of regulations declared hereby.

Article 2
The purpose of this ordinance is to determine and identify the principles of the student dormitories of the Near East University in order to provide students with a healthy, clean, and peaceful environment, and help their social and cultural developments.

Administrative Bodies:
Article 3
General Services and Housing Board consists of four members and a chairman appointed by the Board of Trustees. The Board holds meetings through the call of the Chairman, and gathers with at least obsolete majority of the total number of members.

General Services and Housing Board take decisions about the management of dormitories, and development and organization issues related to dormitories. The Board, also, determines the general rules and regulations, assess the complaints and recommendations, and carries out duties as required by this ordinance. Members of the Board are appointed to this duty for a period of one year. If considered necessary, this period is extended for the member.

Article 4
General Manager of General Services and Housing ensures the application of rules and regulations in cooperation by the management in accordance with this ordinance, resolves the problems related to dormitories or forwards the issue to the General Services and Housing Board. Executes the decisions and orders of the Board and carries out other services and duties as required and specified by this Regulation.

Article 5
Director of Dormitories take the necessary precautions to run the dormitories in a tidy and clean environment and, ensure that the statements given in Article 2 are properly executed. When necessary, the Director forwards his/her recommendations to Directorate of General Services and Housing. The Director executes the orders and carries out the duties that are given him/her by the Directorate of General Services and Housing.



Acceptance to and Staying in the Dormitories

Article 6
People who want to stay in the dormitories have to be students of the Near East University. Registration to dormitories can only be carried out in accordance with the regulations that are determined by the General Directorate of Housing and General Services and approved by the Rectorate. Students, within the period of time specified for registration, must make their applications to the registration office of the General Directorate of Housing and General Services or to representatives and registration offices of NEU.

Article 7
Students who wish to register to dormitories must make their applications within the determined time period by paying the fees and supplying the necessary documents to registration office of the General Directorate of Housing and General Services or to representatives of NEU, and carry out the registration for Fall, Spring and Summer terms.

Article 8
The information provided by students during the application process is investigated by the General Services and Housing Board, and on condition that the information is false or contradictious, student is not accepted to the dormitory or if accepted, is removed out from the dormitory.

Article 9
Students whose families live abroad are given priority to register to the dormitories.

Article 10
Students registered to the dormitories must renew their registration at the beginning of each term, otherwise registration of those who do not renew their registration is cancelled.

Article 11
The conditions and fees, that are determined for accommodation for students who will stay at the dormitories during the Summer holidays and term breaks, are determined by the General Services and Housing Board. Swapping or changing rooms during term breaks is at the initiative and control of the Director of General Services and Housing.

Article 12
Rules and conditions for students and guests who are not registered to the dormitory but wish to benefit from the accommodation services as they wish to attend to the facilities organized by the university such as sports events, festivals, seminars, and so on, are determined by the General Services and Housing Board.

Article 13
Registration fees for dormitories are paid in full for one or two terms. For reservations, 25% of the fee is charged in advance. Reservation fee is not refundable for those who cancel their application.

Article 14
Undergraduate and postgraduate students who have graduated from their programs must vacate the dormitory within one week.

Article 15
Students who are granted permission to be on leave for a term cannot stay in dormitories.

Article 16
Registration to NEU dormitories is carried out by the registration office of the Directorate of the General Services and Housing, and overseas representatives through online application and registration services.

Disciplinary Process and Applications:

Article 17
Students accommodating in the dormitories are obliged to behave in good manners inside and outside the dormitory, and avoid from all sort of disgraceful behaviours. Otherwise, students who act against the code of conduct and in violation are subject to face the following disciplinary procedures and punishment.

A- Punishment requiring warning
Student is warned with a notice in writing to be more careful and considerate in his/her behaviors and manners in the dormitory.

B- Punishment requiring condemnation
Student is condemned with a notice in writing about his/her behaviours and the behaviour found to be defective is brought into the attention of student.

C-Punishment requiring temporary removal from the dormitory
Student is informed in writing that he/she is removed from the dormitory temporarily as a result of her defective behaviors or attitudes.

D- Punishment requiring permanent expelling from the dormitory
Student is informed that he/she is permanently expelled from the dormitory and students subject to this punishment are not accepted back to the dormitories or accommodated by university accommodation services.

A- Reasons for warning
a- Accepting visitors out of specified locations and times,
b- Making noise or speaking aloud in such a way that others are disturbed,
c- Keeping personal belongings and bed untidy so that this makes others annoyed, wondering around in the administrative parts of the premises with night dress,
d- Careless use of properties of dormitories,
e- Hanging writings on the walls out of the areas specified by the directorate of the dormitory,
f- Coming late to the dormitory,
g- Keeping food that can dispose easily and smell bad in the dormitory rooms,
h- Hanging anything on the walls of the dormitory that can be easily seen from outside.

B- Reasons for condemnation
a- Spending night outside the dormitory without taking necessary permissions,
b- Keeping gambling devices in the dormitory, gambling or making others gamble,
c- Trading in the dormitory for commercial purposes,
d- Providing false information to falsify or misguide the dormitory directorate,
e- Disobedience to rules and regulations that are announced and specified by the Executive Board,
f- Using phone of the directorate without taking necessary permissions,
g- Using belongings of others without taking permission from them,
h- Causing trouble in the process of disciplinary procedures and attempting to prevent such enforcement,
i- Writing on any part of the building using an obscene and offensive language, or drawing or hanging offensive and obscene pictures,
j- Being subject to warning penalty two times (In this case the second time, condemnation is given instead of warning)

C-Reasons for temporary exclusion
a- Humiliating, abusing or insulting others verbally or physically, or assaulting or beating up others.
b- Providing illegal accommodation opportunities for people who are not registered to dormitories (accommodation fees for illegal tenants are charged from those who provided the unfair and illegal accommodation to those people)
c- Removing dormitory equipment and belongings outside the dormitory, causing damage on the dormitory properties (damage costs are charged from those who caused damage). Keeping utensils or other sort of heaters, cooking equipment for making meals and drinks in bedrooms.
d- Keeping or consuming alcoholic drinks or beverages in the dormitories, coming or becoming drunk in the dormitories.
e- Disobedience or not complying with the calls or invitations of dormitory directors, not accepting or avoiding receipt of the letters sent by the administration.
f- Organizing, participating or attending to meetings inside the dormitory without taking the necessary permissions from the administration.
g- Receiving expulsion from the university. Students receiving punishment for expulsion cannot stay at the dormitories during the time of sentence.
h- Damaging, snatching, rending, painting, changing, or defacing announcements hanged by the directorate of dormitories.
i- Humiliating, insulting, threatening the dormitory staff in any form of verbal or physical act.
j. Placing or hanging written documents on the walls of the dormitories or painting the walls, or writing on the walls.
k- Receiving a reprimand or penalty of censure twice, in this case the person who receives the reprimand second time is expelled from the dormitory on temporary basis.

Reasons for permanent extraction
a- Committing to theft or fraud in the dormitories.
b- Having, keeping, carrying or using any sort of guns, explosives, harmful devices that are classified illegal by laws.
c- Organizing, participating or provoking others for demonstrations to protest or against the staff of the dormitories or against the management of dormitories, or against the decisions of the administration of dormitories.
d- Using the dormitory buildings out of its purposes and committing to acts to prevent the services of dormitory.
e- Organizing activities to support illegal groups or organizations and participating in such sort of activities.
f- Using or keeping drugs in the dormitories.
g- Having been sentenced to jail for definite, or being removed from the university as a result of punishment over three months.
h- Having been sentenced to temporary removal the second time. In this case, students being sentenced to temporary removal twice, they are expelled permanently from the dormitories.
i- Assaulting to dormitory staff in any form of physical way.
j- Displaying behaviors that are unacceptable in terms of moral values or customs that are accepted by the society.

Execution of Punishments
Article 18
In determining the level of disciplinary penalties, committing to more than one crime which require the same punishment, and encouraging to collective crime are considered to be aggravating cause and the disciplinary penalty of student is converted to a higher penalty.

Article 19
Student who received a penalty requiring permanent removal can make an application only after a year. The application is assessed by the Administrative Board of Housing and final decision about application is produced.

Article 20
Warning and reprimand penalties are decided by the Housing Manager and other directors: Removing or expelling penalties are decided and executed by Disciplinary Committee of Dormitories which is constituted by the Presidency of Directorate of General Services and Housing, a teaching staff (lecturer), and directors of dormitories that are appointed by the General Services and the Housing Executive Board. Penalty requiring temporary or permanent removal for over 30 days becomes absolute through the final decision and approval of the General Services and Housing Executive Board. Each penalty received by the student is filed. Penalties except the “warning penalty” are reported in writing to their families, to students, and to the Directorate of Students’ Affairs.

Article 21
For the execution of removal decision it is not necessary to inform or notify the family about the decision. However, General Services and Housing Board decides whether to allocate some time to student before his/her registration is cancelled.

Article 22
The student can file an appeal to a higher authority within one week after he/she is notified about the disciplinary decision. Appeal does not stop or prevent the execution of disciplinary penalty. Appeal against the decision of Disciplinary Board of Dormitories can be filed to the General Services and Housing Management Board.

Article 23
In case there is a lack or absence of any article regarding the disciplinary issues, the Near East University Student Disciplinary Regulations are put into force.

Fees and Deposits for the dormitory
Article 24
The amount, payment deadline, and form of payment are determined by the General Services and Housing Executive Board and become final with approval of the President’s Office.

Article 25
The student has to pay the dormitory fees in cases such as his/her registration is terminated, or he/she uses a health report, or he/she is punished for temporary expelling as a result of disciplinary issues. Registered students are charged during the term breaks. During Summer break only students and visitors who wish to be accommodated in the dormitories pay for the accommodation facilities and the fees they are going to pay are decided by the General Services and Housing Executive Board.

Article 26
Students’ contracts who are found out to be unattended to the dormitory without a valid reason are terminated for the term/period they are registered.

Article 27
Students who move out without informing the administration and who do not renew registration within the allocated period of time are required to pay the dormitory fees up to the date the registration is terminated.

Article 28
Refund procedures, conditions and regulations to students who terminate their contracts with the dormitories are determined by the General Services and Housing Executive Board.

Article 29
Students who do not pay the dormitory fees or students who are in debt to the dormitories as a result of damages caused by them cannot receive refund, their registration cannot be renewed, cannot obtain a document stating student’s clear termination of relations with the institution.

Article 30
Students who leave the dormitory after registration cannot claim refund, fees are not transferable to other accounts. Student must bring the receipt to receive the deposit.

Article 31
Student pays for the damage over the current price of the material.

Miscellaneous Provisions

Article 32
Students staying in the dormitories are responsible for care of the goods and properties that are used by them.

Article 33
The University is not responsible from the personal belongings of students that are not handed over to dormitory directorate.

Article 34
Students’ belongings can be searched or controlled if deemed necessary by the managers and administrators. The situation and findings are recorded and filed. Personal belongings or goods that are brought in or taken out from the dormitory can be searched, checked or controlled by the dormitory staff. Storage time of belongings and materials that are handed in the dormitory staff for storage is determined by the Director of Dormitories.

Article 35
The Rector of the university is authorized to closed down the dormitories in extraordinary circumstances depending on the recommendation of the General Services and Housing Executive Board.

Article 36
University Executive Board is authorized to terminate the contract of a student whose accommodation is considered to be inconvenient, or prohibit the registration to the dormitories by pointing out a specific reason.

Article 37
Even if the student is forgiven for violating the dormitory or university rules, allowing a student, who has already received a disciplinary punishment as a result of a crime or who has been subject to criminal investigation, to use the accommodation facilities of the university is depending on the decision of the Executive Board of Dormitories.

Article 38
Period and conditions of temporary accommodation of new students and their families during registration are determined by the General Services and Housing Executive Board.

Article 39
This Regulation is carried out by the Near East University.

Article 40
Housing Regulations of NEU will come into effect on the date it has been announced, and the former will be removed from the force.

Article 41
A copy of this Regulation  is given to students during registration. Regulation of Dormitories is constituted through 41 articles and Student Dormitories Covenant is attached to this Regulation.