Öğr. Gör. Pieter VERBURG

I was born july 1961, in holland, the Netherlands. After a technical education i was stagiaire at the nijmegen university at the audio and video department, my first connection towards motion picture.
After that i went to work in Eindhoven in 1987 as field engineer during video shootings. But the engineering was not challenging enough, so i started to learn lighting. As video company we always hired many different freelance cinematographers, big names in dutch and english cinematography, and i was assisting them with technique and lighting. So i learned from the best during work. During that time i started to do camera too, on low-budged productions, and tried to practisize what i learned from the dutch and english DoP’s, and whenever i had any questions, i could ask them. This way i was climbing up the ladder of cinematography, fully educated during filmmaking, trained by the best.
In 1993 i started my own business as freelance cameraman/DoP. It was hard in the beginning, had to learn alot, being totally on my own, but i succeeded. My experiences go from product promotions, to documentary’s, commercials, short films and feature films.
Music making is my other passion, playing guitar in a rock band also helps me during shooting because of the feeling of timing and rhythm.
Also i threw myself into color grading lately, very nice to do. Filming is painting pictures during filmshooting, and color grading is painting pictures after editing, in a controlled environment and once you know what can be done afterwards, it can save a lot of time during filming.