Peyzaj Mimarlığı

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  • Prof. Dr. Salih Gücel
  • Doç. Dr. Özge Özden Fuller
  • Doç. Dr. Turgay Salihoğlu
  • Yrd. Doç. Dr. Buket Asilsoy



Code Course Name Credits
LAND 501 Special Protected Area Planning (3+0)
LAND 503 Research Methods (3+0)
LAND 505 Green Roofs and Vertical Gardens (3+0)
LAND 507 Urban Furnitures (3+0)
LAND 509 Urban Landscape Planning (3+0)
LAND 511 Bushes and Trees in Urban Park Designs (3+0)
LAND 513 EIA in Landscape Architecture (3+0)
LAND 515 Angiosperm Plants in Landscape Arch. (3+0)
LAND 517 Seminar 1 (2+0)
LAND  519 Thesis (0+0)


Code Course Name Credits
LAND 502 Environment Law and Policy (3+0)
LAND 504 Rural Landscape Planning            (3+0)
LAND 506 Open Space, Landscape and Design (3+0)
LAND 508 Coastal Zone Planning (3+0)
LAND 510 Ecological Landscape Planning (3+0)
LAND 512 Habitat Mapping (3+0)
LAND 514 GIS Systems in Landscape Architecture (3+0)
LAND 516 Advances Computer Applications in Landscape Design (3+0)
LAND 518 Water Gardens and Aquatic Plants (3+0)
LAND 520 Landscape Art and Painting Techniques (3+0)
Course Code LAND 501 Special Protected Area Planning.
This course will be included Special Protected Areas Designation, Classification of SPAs,  Importance of SPAs, Implementations of the protected areas in the world, Special Protected Areas in EU and Turkey, SPAs Management, Provision of recreation facilities of Special Protected Areas.


Course Code LAND 503 Research Methods.
Introduction to research, publications and ethics, data presentations, statistical analysis, experimental design, descriptive social surveys, descriptive case studies, analytical models and correlation, predictive modeling, landscape assesment techniques, research paper publishing and ethics.


Course Code LAND 505 Green Roofs and Vertical Gardens.
Green roof design, installation and maintenance of green roofs, plant selection for green roof systems, irrigation systems for green roof designs, arranging the plants, planting structure, green walls, green wall installation and maintenance, choosing plants for vertical gardens.


Course Code LAND 507 Urban Furnitures.
This course will include the investigation of street furnitures, including function, aesthetics and ergonomics. Also effective land use and planning issues, bus stop designs, bench designs, wastebasket designs for streets and squares, street lights, pot designs for streets will be given to the students.


Course Code LAND 509 Urban Landscape Planning.
This course is focus on the interaction between planning, geography and environmental design of cities. Identification of pedestrian and vehicular circulation within the urban cities. Importance of green space in cities for sustainability. It examines the role of landscape architecture and heritage conservation in the creating of the modern city.


Course Code LAND 511 Bushes and Trees in Urban Park Designs.
This course will be included Introduction to shrubs and trees in landscape designs, shrub and tree classification, growing of shrub plants, the use of shrubs in parks, planting techniques of shrubs and trees topics. In addition  foliage shapes and colours of trees and shrubs, fall colours of trees and their use in park gardens topics will be given.


Course Code LAND 513 EIA in Landscape Architecture.
The course explains, the importance of EIA for environmental management and decision making for developments. It provides an overview of concepts, methods, issues and various forms and stages of the EIA process. It mainly draws on case studies of EIA in northern Cyprus but also focuses on the EIA process other countries.


Course Code LAND 515 Angiosperm Plants in Landscape Arch.
Classification of plants, the origin of Angiosperms, The Subclasses, Orders and Families of Dicotyledons and Monocotyledons. Important characteristics of angiosperm plants that they are used in landscape designs, most popular angiosperm plants for as an ornamentals, their colour and structures. Propagation techniques of angiosperm group ornamentals.


Course Code LAND 517  Seminar 1
Seminars are given by lecturers, invited speakers and students who are registered to the course. Students’ presentations may be within the scope of their thesis topics.


Course Code LAND 519 Thesis.
A completed Master’s thesis must present the author’s ideas clearly, precisely and correctly. The thesis should guide a reader to understand: i) what the master’s thesis proposes, ii) why it is relevant to the field, iii) how the systematic approach explores the master’s research question, and iv)what conclusions are reached.


Course Code LAND 502 Environment Law and Policy
This course provides an introduction to environment law, regulation and policy in the EU environmental policy. Major areas of EU environmental policy: EU Water Framework Directive, EU Birds Directive and EU Habitats Directive.


Course Code LAND 504 Rural Landscape Planning.
This  course is tought through an extended  field works, study visits with seminars and workshops within the rural areas. The topics cover rural areas, planning for rural towns and villages, production and consumption in rural areas, rural society and demographic change, planning for rural heritage and tourism.


Course Code LAND 506  Open Space, Landscape and Design.
Description: This course content includes teaching on the history, theory and principles of landscape and open space design and spatial studies.  In addition understanding and analysing a given site in its context and elements including the identification of vegetation and plant requirements. The course will also introduce students to the processes  of  landscape, open space survey, analysis and production of design proposals.


Course Code LAND 508 Coastal Zone Planning.
Coastal landscape, oceanic effects on the coastal zone, oceanic systems, coastal habitats, ecostystems and communities; threats and solutions to the coastal zone, rehabilitation methods for coastal ecosystems.


Course Code LAND 510 Ecological Landscape Planning.
This course aim is to teach ecological planning and explain how to share physical space in communities for sustainable land use issues. Identification of planning problems and opportunities, establishment of planning goals, landscape analysis local and regional level, patches and patch dynamics, changing mosaics, citizen involvement and community educations.


Course Code LAND 512 Habitat Mapping.
Definition of habitats, data collecting, basic concepts of habitat mapping, importance of habitat mapping, habitat mapping for landscape planning and management, history of vegetation mapping, habitat classification systems based on characterization of plant communities.


Course Code LAND 514 GIS System in Landscape Architecture.
The history of Geographic Information System (GIS), GIS techniques, data representation, coordinate systems and registration, spatial analysis with GIS, geographic display techniques, data output and cartography.


Course Code LAND 516 Advances Computer Applications in Landscape Design.
This course will be included imaging applications used in landscape architectural design. Explores a range of advanced presentation skills such as surface modeling, rendering and publishing. Autocad drawings of  landscape design.


Course Code LAND 518 Water Gardens and Aquatic Plants.
Formal and informal water garden designs, informal designs, still-water and  moving water pond designs, wildlife ponds, raised pond designs, pond construction materials, waterfalls, floating water plants, pond management.


Course Code LAND 520 Landscape Art and Painting Techniques.
This course topics are History of Landscape Art, Medieval Renaissance Landscape Arts, 17th and 18th Centuries Art, landscape art techniques, landscape art and modernism, landscape art movements.