Prof. Dr. Tülen SANER

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Assoc.Prof.Dr. Tülen Saner, Dean of Faculty of Tourism, was born in Nicosia. Her father was an architect and mother is a housewife. Assoc.Prof.Dr. Saner completed her primary, secondary and high school education in Famagusta. She started her higher education in the UK at the American College, Department of Business Administration, and in 1993 returned to the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus to complete her BA in Business Administration at Near East University. Assoc.Prof.Dr. Saner was the first student to graduate from the Business Administration Department at Near East University. Assoc.Prof.Dr. Saner, who was regarded a successful student by her constituents, continued her studies and received her MA in International Relations in 1995. In 1996-97 academic year Assoc.Prof.Dr. Saner began teaching at Near East University as a full-time member of staff. In 1997 she received her MBA from the Business Administration Department. Assoc.Prof.Dr. Saner decided to specialize in the field of Organizational Behavior and received her PhD. in Business Administration (Organization and Management) in 2006. Due to her potential and hard work, she was appointed as Vice Chair of the Business Administration Department in 2007. In the 2009-10 Academic year Assoc.Prof.Dr. Saner was granted a Tourism Management Scholarship at the School of Tourism, Bournemouth University through an EU Scholarship Programmed. Upon her return from the UK because of her successful career path and ambition she was appointed as the Director of School of Tourism And Hotel Management in 2009.

Assoc.Prof.Dr. Saner has 16 international published articles and proceedings (4 of which are indexed in SSCI) and has reviewed for various international journals. Assoc.Prof.Dr. Saner is supervising a PhD thesis and has supervised numerous graduation projects.