Prof. Dr. Doğan AKAY

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Prof. Dr. Dogan Akay was born in Nicosia in the year 1954. His father was a watchmaker and an optician, and his mother is a housewife. He completed his elementary education at the Ataturk Primary School, his secondary education at the Bayraktar Secondary School, and his higher education at the Turkish Lycee in Nicosia. Prof. Akay attended the Salford University in England and graduated from this university with First Class Honours in Electronic Engineering (BSc). Later in the year 1977 he completed his MSc studies at the Manchester University in England where he obtained the degree of MSc in automatic control engineering. Prof Dr Dogan Akay has attended the City University in London and had his PhD degree from this university in the year 1980 in the field of electrical engineering and digital signal processing.

After graduating Prof. Dr. Dogan Akay has worked at several organizations in the UK. His first job was at the Southbank University where he was a lecturer in the department of electrical and electronic engineering. He later joined the general Electric company (GEC) research center where he worked there 4 years. Prof Akay then joined to Computer Analysts Company (CAP) where he worked as a senior systems engineer. After working here for 2 years Prof. Akay joined the London Traffic control systems unit where he worked for many years and was involved with the development of the currently running programs for the online second by second controls of the traffic lights in Central London.

Prof. Dr. Dogan Akay has been working at the Near East University since it was established over 25 year ago. He held the positions of the Chairman of the department of computer engineering, and the Chairman of the department of biomedical engineering. He is currently a lecturer at the department of computer information systems (CIS).

Prof. Dr. Dogan Akay has published over 70 technical books and is the author of over 250 technical papers. He has also presented many papers at seminars and conferences. He is married and has two children.