Prof. Dr. Ali Efdal ÖZKUL

Also available in: Türkçe

He was born on 20th June 1972 in Famagusta. After graduating from Nicosia Türk Maarif College in 1990, he finished the History Department of the Literature Faculty in Ege University (1991-1995). His dissertation was named the 4th of Şer-i documents of Nicosia (H. 1043-1046). In the Social Sciences Department of the same university, he did his masters degree (1995-1998). His thesis was called the 17th of Şer-i documents of Nicosia (H.1157-1161/1744-1748). He also did his PhD in the Turcology Research Institute of Marmara University (1998-2002) and his PhD thesis was titled The socio-economic history of Cyprus (1726-1750). He became Assistant Professor in 2004 and Associate Professor in 2007.

He has various national and international publications on the social, economical and political history of Cyprus and on the history of Turkish Republic. In addition to these, he provides in-service training for the teachers working for the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport and for the tourist guides working for the Ministry of Tourism and Culture in TRNC.,

As well as working as a lecturer in the Near East University, he is the acting director of Ataturk Research Centre and the department head of History Teaching.