Regulations For Departmental Academic Organization And Operations


ARTICLE 1. Department: is an academic unit consisting of specific objectives, content and features which are complementary to each other, as well as becoming a teaching-learning, scientific research and training unit of faculties and high schools.

Head of Department

ARTICLE 2. The head of department is chosen amongst the full-time teaching staff and appointed by the dean of the faculty. The dean reports the assignment of head of department to Rectorate.

ARTICLE 3. The head of department is in charge of implementation of teaching-learning facilities at all levels and carrying out all sort of activities related to departmental studies on regular basis, and using the sources effectively. The head of department is the hierarchical superior of teaching staff working fort he department. The head of department attends the board of the faculty or the high school and represents the department. The head of deparment observes and inspects how the departmental teaching staff conduct their duties and fulfil their responsibilities. The head of department, at the end of the academic year, submits an academic assessment report of the academic year including the teaching-learning facilities and research studies of the year completed, and the study plan of the next academic year to the dean or to the director of the high school.

Deputy Head of Department

ARTICLE 4. The head of department can appoint up to two teaching staff maximum from his department as the deputies of the head. The head of department, if considers necessary, can change the deputies. When the duties and responsibilities of the head of department terminate, the duties and responsibilities of deputies also terminate. Deputy heads of department are teaching staff assisting the head of department in fulfiling his duties and responsibilities and are not superiors of other teaching staff of the department in hierarchical terms. Provided that the deputy heads of the department act directly for the head of department, they practice the forces of the head of the department in their responsibilities and duties.

Departmental Board

ARTICLE 5. The Departmental Board consists of all the teaching staff of the department including the head of department, as the head of the departmental board. The Departmental Board, as the fundamental decision-making body of the department, is authorized to carry out all the teaching-learning facilities, research studies, training facilities, courses, and programs related to the department most effectively, to make necessary arrangements and develop plans for cooperations, as well as ensuring the use of the devices and physical infrastructure in the most effective and beneficial way.

ARTICLE 6. The Departmental Board meets in May and December ever year and decides how the courses of the next academic term will be implemented by the teaching staff.

ARTICLE 7. In the case that a mistake occurs about the grades announced by the Registrar’s Directorate at the end of the term, the correction process which starts upon the demand of the relevant teaching staff is finalized by the Departmental Board.

ARTICLE 8. The new teaching staff is employed to the department only after a presentation of a seminar in their specialist subject and by decision of the Departmental Board.