Principles of Summer School

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The Summer School is offered as a 7 week intensive program by the following faculties listed below:

Atatürk Faculty of Education
Faculty of Maritime Studies
Faculty of Arts and Sciences
Faculty of Fine Arts and Design
Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences
Faculty of Communication
Faculty of Architecture
Faculty of Engineering
Faculty of Performing Arts
School of Physical Education and Sports
School of Tourism and Hotel management
English Preparatory School

Summer School starts on the 2nd week of June until the end of August. The academic calendar of the Summer School is determined with the approval of the Senate. The total amount of sessions of the modules which run in the summer school is the same as those which run in regular semesters, fall and spring.

Summer School is considered as a separate semester, other than fall and spring semesters. Grades acquired from the summer school, is evaluated separately (separate from regular semesters) and is calculated as grade point averages.

Students are provided with all the facilities of the NEU during the summer school period. Students have the opportunity to benefit from the; Library, dormitories, the Innovation Centre and laboratories. Students of other universities also have the opportunity to participate in the NEU Summer School.

1. Aims of the Summer School:

a) provide the students the opportunity to retake the modules which they have failed before.

b) provide the students the opportunity to retake modules which they have taken in previous semesters and could not make the necessary achievement.

c) prevent the students of missing an academic term.

Besides providing the students to retake modules which they have taken and been unsuccessful before, the summer school also provides an opportunity for successful students to complete their studies and graduate earlier by taking the modules in the Summer School period instead of taking them in regular semesters such as the fall or the spring semesters. In addition to the above, having summer schools at the university assure benefits from university facilities during the summer school period instead of spending the summer period inefficiently. Summer schools also offer an alternative of studying at a period rather than a period with student jamming.

2. Principles of NEU Summer School

a) The undergraduate modules which will be offered in the summer school are determined with the decision of the board of management of the relevant department and the relevant faculty.

b) During the summer school, undergraduate and associate degree students have the opportunity to register to 3 or 4 modules which have a total of 12 credits. Students also have the chance to take modules which they have not taken from previous semesters, besides having the opportunity to take modules which are being planned to be opened in the coming semesters. Once the modules at the summer school commence, students have not got the chance to alter, add additional modules or cancel a module.

c) It is obligatory for the students to attend the sessions of the modules during the summer school period.

If students cannot take exams due to a reasonable excuse, they have the opportunity to take and excuse examination. If students have a reasonable excuse, their registry to the summer school can be cancelled with the decision of the relevant Faculty Board of Management.

d) Fees of the summer school is determined on module basis.

e) Full-time instructors of the university must facilitate at least one module in the summer school.

f) Instructors paid teaching hours cannot exceed 16 hours within a week.

b) The Regulations of NEU students benefiting from summer schools of other universities:

    1. Students are required to have CGPA ≥2.0 in order to benefit from summer schools of other universities.
    2. Students may only take a maximum of 3 modules from a summer a school of another university in a single summer period. In addition, students are obliged not to take more than 5 modules, in total, from summer schools of other universities.
    3. Students have not got the chance to take a module from another university if it is running at the NEU summer school at the same period.
    4. The language of instruction of the module desired to be taken from the summer school of another university must be the same as the NEU language of instruction of the relative module.
    5. Students wishing to take modules from the summer school of another university are required to submit a letter of application to the NEU Head of Department which they are studying in. In the letter of application, students are required to provide information on; the name of the university, its address, names of the modules wished to be taken, the content of the modules. Once the Head of Department approves the letter of application, it must be signed and approved by the relevant Dean of Faculty. The deadline for submitting the letter of application to take modules from another university is the same date as the first day of the NEU summer school registration date.
    6. If a student takes modules from a summer school of another university, students are required to submit a relevant transcript of the modules to the administration at NEU.
    7. The achievement of the student must be ≥2,5/4 at the modules which were taken from another university for the modules to be accepted as passed by the administration of the NEU.
    8. Modules of Faculty of Engineering which are taught as obligatory laboratory modules are not allowed to be taken from the summer school of other universities.