Academic Staff

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Title Name-Surname Position Department E-mail Tel
Prof. Dr. Murat KOCAOĞLU
  • Lecturer
  • Head of Vocational School of Health Services
[email protected]
Prof. Dr. Meltem NALÇA ANDRIEU Lecturer [email protected]
Prof. Dr. Nail BULAKBAŞI Lecturer [email protected]
Assist. Prof. Dr. Ahmet Özer ŞEHİRLİ Lecturer [email protected]
Assist. Prof. Dr. Aslı AYKAÇ Lecturer [email protected]
Assist. Prof. Dr. Deniz BEDEL Lecturer [email protected]
Assist. Prof. Dr. Özgür ALTMIŞDÖRTOĞLU Lecturer [email protected]
Dr. Ahmet OKUR Lecturer [email protected]
Dr. Ayşe Seda AYKAÇ Lecturer [email protected]
Charge Nurse Müge BULAKBAŞI [email protected]
Spec. Nurse Dilek BAYTAŞ ÖZÇELİK [email protected]
Spec. Ahmet ARNAVUT Lecturer [email protected]
Spec. Hasan KAZDAĞLI [email protected]
Spec. Ufuk KAYA [email protected]
Research Assist. Şeyma BOZKURT Research Assistant [email protected]
Phy. Akan BAKKALOĞLU [email protected]
Eşref VAİZ [email protected]
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