Pathology Laboratory Technician

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General Information: Histopathological diagnosis is very important in reaching the definite diagnosis of diseases today. The aim of this program is to contribute to the increase in the number of technicians who are working as assistant health staff in proportion to the number of specialist physicians in pathology subject today. It is also aimed to train technicians so that they can efficiently work at the pathology and cytopathology laboratories of state hospitals, university hospitals and private hospitals. Correct preparation is most important in the pathology laboratories working with the principle of correct diagnosis as soon as possible, and it is very important to educate the personnel in order to master and practice the available and the newly developed techniques. With this program, it is aimed to educate and qualify the technicians in order to carry out all the technical services in the pathology and cytopathology laboratories until the preparation of the organs, tissues and body fluids for the microscopic examination, apply the available and developing technology in this field, work on the installation of new techniques, efficiently respond to relevant issues and develop problem solving ability in this subject.

Departmental Coordinator:
Assist. Prof. Dr. Hanife Özkayalar