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Opticianry is the art and science of optics as applied to the compounding, filling and adapting of ophthalmic prescriptions, products and accessories. This program aims to provide quality education in compliance with standards that set by national and international bodies and play a leading role in raising well trained and qualified opticians capable of preparing ophthalmic items and instruments (ophthalmic glass, contact lens, frame) that prescribed by ophthalmologist for visual correction.

The program is well designed to equip the students with comprehensive knowledge and skills to tailor the most appropriate optical items and instruments for prescription glasses by taking into account the indicated diopter, optical center, axle, lens raw material, and the physical features of the lens and the frame. This two year associate degree program provides all possibilities for students to establish a cutting-edge career over the others.

The overriding vision of the program is to have a leading role in raising productive opticians that equipped with strong professional knowledge – ethics and social responsibility, good communication and problem solving skills, aptitude for teamwork, ability to use technological instruments and tools, and ability to create solutions required to respond the increasing needs of the sector.

Department Coordinator
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Koray KARADAYI