Occupational Health and Safety

As in the world, manufacturing, construction and energy sectors in our country also show a rapid development and change in the line with factors like the rapid population increase, the increasing energy demand, the development of industrial, medical and information technologies, and the urbanization. Today, the establishment and opening of many new service areas, the development and dissemination of production technologies have increased the need for qualified personnel to work to ensure occupational health and work safety.

Beyond being a legal responsibility, occupational health and safety forms the basis of working life. The increasing workplace accidents and risks for occupational diseases reveal the shortage of qualified staff capable to solve such problems.

It is essential to add plus value to the occupational health and safety by benefitting from the scientific and technological developments and increase the competences regarding the occupational health and safety and ensure the continuity of this effect. The key aims of the program are to bring current approaches to the education on occupational health and safety, to provide a quality education at European standards and to raise well trained and first caliber graduates capable to ensure a safe and healthy environment in their workplace by removing or minimizing all potential risks that might adversely affect the employer and the working environment. The overriding aim of this well designed program is to raise highly qualified personnel to make up the countrywide shortage and contribute to the country’s economy by ensuring safe and healthy and productive working environment.

Department Coordinator
Lawyer Aziz GÜRPINAR