Lecturer Ceyhan ÖZYILDIZ

He was born in Nicosia in 1973. He attended Ankara University, Turkey (1992-1996) and graduated with a BA degree in Library science from the Department of Library Science, Faculty of Letters. Throughout 1996 his articles and literary writings were published in the Genç Görüş (The Opinion of the Young) page in the local Ortam Newspaper. His career as a librarian began in 2000 when he was appointed Head of the Güzelyurt Public Library, one of the nine regional libraries in Nothern Cyprus, supported by the National Library.

In 2006 he joined the Directorate of Culture where he worked as a staff member in the Publications and Public Relations section. At the same time he was assigned the duty of organizing the participation of the Directorate in International Book Fairs held overseas. Furthermore he also served as a member of the committee that oversaw the publication of the Defne (Daphne) Newspaper. Throughout his secondary education he was actively involved in different sports activities, wrestling in particular, and won a number of certificates of merit and nearly thirty medals in various wrestling tournaments. He is actively involved in a number of NGOs and was the President of the Cyprus Turkish Librarians Association between the years 2003-2007. He was also on the board of the Cyprus Turkish Civil Servants Trade Union (2006-2010) and was responsible for the Nicosia district.

Lastly he was also a board member of the Cyprus Turkish Artists and Writers Association (2007-2008).Between 2006-2009 he wrote and/or reported, once a week, on culture, art and photography in the local newspaper Halkın Sesi. Currently, in addition to his duties at the Directorate of Culture, he is also a part-time lecturer at the Department of Information and Document Management, Near East University. His first book “Yastık Altı Gülkurusu” was published in June 2012. His second “Sonra A Matu” was published three months later in September 2012. The first is a story book while the second contains a selection of coloured and black and white photographs and writings by the author.