Prof. Dr. Canan Hecer

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Prof. Dr. Canan HECER graduated from Uludag University Faculty of Veterinary Medicine in 1988. She worked in Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs Directorate of the Provincial Control Laboratory between the years 1990-1997 in the field of Food Microbiology. She completed her Ph.D. in 1996 in Department of Food Hygiene and Technology, Uludağ University with her thesis titled as “The effects of acid-salt ratio used in the production of marinated anchovy to the microbiologic, organoleptic quality and determination of shelf-life of the product”. She started to work in Luda University Karacabey Vocational in Food Technology Program in September 1997 and in the same department she worked as Assistant Professor between 2001-2008, as Associate Professor between the years2008-2013 and as Professor between 2013-2014. Currently, she is working as head of Food Hygiene and Technology Department in Faculty of Veterinary Medicine and the coordinator of the Laboratorian and Veterinary Health Technician Vocational School in Near East University. She is also a member in Faculty of Veterinary Medicine Faculty Board and the Veterinary Faculty Internship Chairman.