Assist. Prof. Dr. Serkan SAYINER

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I was born in Famagusta, Cyprus. In 1999, after graduating from Turk Maarif College, I won a place at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Ankara University. In 2004, I graduated from this faculty with the title Doctor of Veterinary Medicine. During my undergraduate education, I discovered that I was interested in laboratory work, especially the subject of biochemistry. For this reason, I decided to study for a Ph.D. degree in veterinary biochemistry. In 2010, my dissertation entitled “Determination of Regional Differences in Blood Selenium and Vitamin E Levels of Heifers Grazing in Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus ” was accepted and I was awarded Ph.D. in Biochemistry (Veterinary). I was interested in clinical laboratory and antioxidant-oxidative stress issues during my doctoral studies. After my PhD studies and in order to increase my clinical laboratory experience I worked as Veterinary Laboratory Manager and Veterinary Biochemistry Specialist in Bilim Laboratories (Istanbul) between 2010-2014. During this period, I successfully completed the “ISO / IEC 17025” quality standard education and worked as the Quality Management Unit Manager. I have placed the concept of quality at every point in my life. Then, I decided to use this experience in the field of research and university education. In October 2014, I began my academic life by joining the Department of Biochemistry, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Near East University. Three years later (2017) I was awarded the title of Assistant Professor. During my time in the faculty I established the Diagnostic Laboratory of Animal Hospital and are currently head of the laboratory. Presently I give lectures in the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine and Laboratorian and Veterinary Health Technician (Vocational School of Health Sciences). Administratively, I am the coordinator of the Double Major

Program in the Faculty ofVeterinary Medicine. I have published articles in various scientific journals, oral and/or poster proceedings in national and international meetings, and scientific journals. My desire is to teach contemporary techniques and information, together with participating in ongoing projects as both a manager and researcher.