Laboratorian and Vet. Health Technician

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Prof. Dr. Canan HECER
Program Coordinator

Aim of program:
This program has been initiated aiming to raise competent individuals who are: able to administer preventative inoculation; able to assist the veterinarian while examining and operating on animals; able to administer medical dressing and care to animals and keeping a record of these applications; able to participate in fight against animal diseases; able to pick up administrative responsibilities in nutrition businesses; able to take health precautions in areas of disease spread; and able to pick up responsibilities in animal breeding (natural and artificial fertilization). The vision of running the Laboratorian and Veterinary Health Technician program is to pioneer the field of raising and equipping technicians who are competent in; caring, breeding and maintaining the health of pet and farm animals; who are equipped with the necessary skills to function as part of a team, and have developed effective communication skills, are able to use relevant technological devices. Thus, the program includes educating individuals who have developed a sense of responsibility and care for human and animal health and are apt to adhere to ethical responsibilities.

Job Opportunities:
The graduates from the Department of Laboratorian and Veterinary Health Technician have the opportunity to be recruited in the following fields:

  1. In the absence of a veterinarian, facilitate animal health services especially providing health services in preventative medicine
  2. Work along with veterinarian and agricultural engineer for animal health, animal reproduction, and animal improvement
  3. In provincial directorates of agriculture, municipalities, slaughter houses, fish and meat organization, and in General Directorate of Agricultural Enterprises
  4. In private animal clinics and in consultancy institutions
  5. Graduates may establish their own animal farms.