Electro-neurophysiology Technician

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General Information: Following the mortality and morbidity attributable to oncologic and cardiovascular diseases, neurological diseases are one of the leading global causes leading to mortality and morbidity. The incidence prevalence is gradually increasing. Neurological studies on discovering the unknowns of the disorders and diseases that associated with the central nervous system and peripheral nervous system are going on. Electro-neurophysiologic examinations are also very important for the diagnosis of these patients. Electro-neurophysiologic examinations are frequently used not only for the diagnosis of the disease, but also for the detection of normal electro-neurophysiologic functions (e.g. hearing and vision in children). Electro-neurophysiologic examinations are carried out in health center laboratories and neuroscience research centers by a broad team composed of specialist physicians and competent, trained electro-neurophysiology technicians. Electro-neurophysiology technicians are health professionals that help to provide safe, effective and quality services by working under the helm of a specialist physician in all facilities that perform electro-neurophysiologic examinations. The number of electro-neurophysiology technicians in our country currently falls short in responding the increasing demand. In Turkey, the number of graduates that titled as electro-neurophysiology technician is not adequate to meet the increasing demand. For this reason, there is a significant employment gap at present as the facilities engaged in health sector are increasing rapidly. Our Electro-neurophysiology Associate Degree Program is well designed and aims to raise highly trained and competent technicians that equipped with contemporary professional knowledge and skills required to address the increasing demand of the health sector.

Department Coordinator:
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Amber EKER BAKKALOĞLU