Elderly Care

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General Information: The reason for the opening of this program is to train the intermediate staff that can provide “Old Age” service. The population structure varies in the world and in Turkey, as well as in the TRNC. As a result of this variation, the proportion of elderly population is increasing, too. The elderly population constitutes 6.8% of Turkey’s overall population. Projections made on this issue indicate that this proportion will increase by 10% at a near future. In addition, urbanization rate is increasing and traditional family structure is changing, as well. Due to these changes, the care needs of the elderly population are increasing. In this field, there are occupational staff serving in different fields relevant to elderly care. However, among these professionals, there is a need for an intermediary service that can carry out this service professionally and in support of the other relevant branches. The intermediary service providers who specialize on elderly care are expected to carry out the services holistically between the elderly and the others who are in charge of the elderly care.

Despite the increasing elderly population and the care needs of this population, the number of professional housekeeping workers in elderly service institutions and elderly health, care, treatment and rehabilitation fields that meet this need in Turkey and the TRNC is very inadequate. The aim of this program is to train intermediate professional staff who perform maintenance and rehabilitation of all elderly individuals who need care, and contribute to increasing their quality of life.

Departmental Coordinator:
Assist. Prof. Dr. Meryem GÜVENİR