Spec. Nurse Dilek BAYTAŞ ÖZÇELİK

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I was born July 17, 1983. I was born in Karşıyaka county of Izmir. I went Primary school Küçükçigli primary school, middle school Tekel Primary School, High school Büyük Çiğli High Scoll. I went to the University by winning the Department of Nursing at Ege University Ödemiş health high school. I completed my undergraduate studies between 2002-2007. I graduated in 2015 from the Graduate School of Management of Near East University in Nursing in 2013 and received my specialization. Between 2007-2010, I have done the nursing of İzmir Özel Kent Hospital, which has JCI quality certificate, Cardiology-Cardiovascular Surgery Service, General Surgery Service, Organ Delivery Service and Neonatal Intensive Care Service. In 2010, I made Near East University Hospital Cardio Vascular Surgery Intensive Care Nursing and General Intensive Care Nursing. I went to Ankara GATA in 2012 and got Infection Control Nursing education. Infection Control Nursing exam organized by the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Turkey I taking enough points to qualify for Infection Control Nursing.

I still do the same duty. Near East University Hospital, Medical Waste and Education Relation in 2013, Effects of Education Level on Hand Hygiene Education and Practice, Evaluation of the Effectiveness of Medical Waste Education, Intravascular Catheter Infections and Prevention, Surveillance of Hospital Infections; Northern Cyprus Near East University Hospital I sent my congressions about the experience of the Burkholderia Cepacia Disease Prevention by Liquid Soap and the researches of the Fungal Infections in the Hospital of YDU Medical Faculty Hospital in the First Three Months of 2014 with my team. I gave Enteral and Parenteral Applications, Mental Health and Problems in Dialysis Patients, Patient Care Principles lessons to the Health Services Vocational Higher School Dialysis Technician Department students. I gave Patient Psychology lesson to the radiotherapy department students. I gave Diseases Knowledge, Basic Gerontology, Strategy Development Techniques for Elderly Care to the Elderly Care Department students.