Child Development

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The period of study for this program is two years. The language is Turkish.

Prof. Dr. Hüseyin UZUNBOYLU
Program Coordinator

The aim of the Program
Preschool education is the fastest education period for the child development. The aim of the program is to strengthen and bring up to the highest standard of child development within its own conditions with the preschool education. Women take an active role in working life therefore this enables an increase in demand for preschool education and the institutions within that sector.

The education of the people who needs special requirements is very important both in our country and all around the world. As a result of being a modern-social republic, requirements for private institutions have been increased with the developments in special education services, organizational forms and the rights provided by the regulations. With the job opportunities provided to the individuals who need special requirements and environmental regulations, the need for qualified and well-trained staff is gaining importance day by day in that specific field.

The child development program also considers raising teacher assistants who will work at preschool education and inclusive education at the governmental and private sector. The program will also consider the compatibility at the changeover from the secondary school to vocational high schools and from vocational schools to undergraduate education.

Job opportunities
Hundreds of child development specialists are needed at the Turkish public and private preschool institutions every year. It is also extremely needed to trained manpower in the field of Child Development in order to get benefit effectively and efficiently in the field of child development in the Republic of Turkey and TRNC.