Audiology Technician

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Prof. Dr. Mustafa Asım ŞAFAK
Program Coordinator

The Aim of the Program:
Through two-year associate degree program for audiology technician, it is aimed to educate highly qualified audiometrists who can perform hearing screenings and assessments to identify hearing impairment and take appropriate action. Audiometrists are technicians who, after appropriate training and demonstrated competency, perform tasks that are prescribed, directed and supervised by an audiologist. They are equipped with appropriate theoretical and practical knowledge required for providing assistance in testing hearing of the patient, screening hearing functions of newborns, ear pressure measurements, objective assessment of hearing loss, and researching and testing balance disorders. In other words, Audiometrists are technicians who measure and evaluate the hearing ability and balance of adults and children. They perform tests using specialist equipment. These tests help to identify the different causes of hearing impairment, and so assist diagnosis. They are trained to perform a full range of tests required by audiologists. Owing to the increasing need for audiometrists both in our country and all over the world, the graduates of this program are in ever increasing demand from ENT (Ear-Nose-Throat) clinics and audiology labs of all the private and state health care facilities. Audiometrist, who successfully completed this program, can be easily employed due to the increasing demand for qualified audiology technicians in health sector.

Vision of the program
In view of the dynamic changes in the healthcare conditions involving medical, social, cultural and ethical aspects of patient care, the vision of the Audiology program is to be a leading program in training students at international standards and produce highly trained, high-caliber Audiology Technicians who are capable of adopting to changing health conditions and equipped with communication skills and knowledge of social responsibilities. The program places strong emphasis upon professionalism in audiology training and practice. It is fundamental to provide the students with adequate professional skills in order to contribute them to be prone to teamwork and to be creative, effective, problem-solving and highly trained and skilled audiology technicians.
Audiometrists are authorized technicians to conduct audiologic and vestibular tests either alone or with audiologists in audiology labs. Although the program offers theoretical and practical courses on interpretation of the tests, and audiologic rehabilitation including counseling, and adaptation to hearing devices, audiometrists are authorized neither to interpret the tests nor to decide whether a patient needs audiologic rehabilitation.