Audiology Technician

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Audiometric technicians are intermediate staff that can perform tests to measure hearing, ear pressure and provide other support services for audiologists to carry out newborn hearing screenings, objective hearing assessments, and tests for balance disorders. Audiometric technicians work in a wide variety of settings including public and private health facilities with ENT clinics and audiometric labs, and the industrial work-sites. Currently, there is a shortage of qualified audiometric technicians both across the country and the world.

The overriding aim of this well designed program is to provide quality education that focused on theoretical and practical applications and raise well equipped audiometric technicians capable of addressing the requirements of the sector. The program also attaches a special emphasis on providing the students with good interpersonal skills, good communication and problem solving skills, ability to work independently and in a multidisciplinary team, ability to perform hearing tests and compile and record test results. As well trained and equipped audiometric technicians, our graduates will always be in demand not only in our country but anywhere across the globe.

Program Coordinator