What does it mean to be a Pearson Assured Centre?

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Pearson Assured Centre:

What does it mean to be a Pearson assured centre?

It means that our preparatory school has undergone a thorough evaluation for the learning programme it offers:

  • The learning programme has been examined in terms of the design, delivery , quality assurance and self-assessment
  • All the policies, processes and procedures underpinning the system of the learning programme at the NEU English Preparatory School were examined
  • It has been confirmed that NEU English Preparatory School meets the quality standards and has a fully-functioning quality system thus it has been acredited and became a Pearson/Edexcel Assured Centre
  • The accreditation is given by Pearson Education Limited which is the world’s largest education publishing and technology company and the owner of Penguin Readers and The Financial Times.

What are the advantages?

  • It means each student on the learning programme receives the same quality of education
  • All students at the NEU English Preparatory School can get a Pearson quality assured certificate once they complete the learning programme successfully
  • The level of the course(s) you complete at the NEU English Preparatory School is stated on the Pearson Assured Certificates and this level is aligned to the Common European Framework of Reference for languages
  • It is a great opportunity for students because in their future studies or career, the certificate will document that they graduated from an acredited programme

What is the procedure to be granted a certificate?

  • Since there are two courses (one in each semester) offered, students can get one certificate for each semester
  • A payment needs to be done for each certificate because Pearson requires a certain amount for the certificates and secure postage and administration procedures
  • The payment must be made in advance.
    The deadline is announced by the prep school administration
  • The submission of the certificates (which were paid in advance) will be done when the course is completed successfully
  • The receipt must be given to the class teacher.
  • There is no refund.
  • The payment must be made to :

Near East Bank – Hospital Branch
Account name: YDÜ Eğitim Vakfı ‘English Preparatory School Certificate’