Supplementary Booklets

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In addition to the course books used in the NEU English Prepatory School, Inhouse booklets , compiled by accomplished and experienced NEU English Prepatory School instructors are also offered to the use of students.

Students in the NEU English Prepatory School are grouped according to their faculties, and receive an education that is designed to suit their specific needs. To this respect , the Inhoue booklets, which include materials teaching terminology related to specific faculties, play a very important role in teaching English for Specific Purpose.

The Inhouse booklets are intended for the use of medical students of NEU English Prepatory School, and have been prepared carefully, taking into account of the needs and the level of the students.

Usage, Grammar and Everyday Vocabulary Booklet comprises materials that help to develop vocabulary, complement and support the grammar in the course books. Reading Booklet promotes the gradual development of Reading Sills and the Scientific Vocabulary Booklet teaches academic and scientific vocabulary through science-based reading passages.

Understanding the lectures while listening is extremely important for the students in the Medical Faculty therefore Listening and Speaking Booklet focuses on exercises that aim to develop Listening Skills; and to increase confidence in speaking.

The Booklets have been specifically designed for Pharmacy students at Near East University, English Prepatory School, aiming to promote the students’ English to the highest possible level, and hence, optimise their success in their faculty.

The books, created one for each semester, primarily focus on increasing academic and scientific vocabulary, and developing reading skills through carefully chosen science-based materials. They also offer support to the grammar in the Course Books.

This booklet offers Maritime students of NEU, English Prepatory school a comprehensive Maritime terminology, which the students will find invaluable throughout their education.

Physiotheraphy and Rehabilitation
The Physiotheraphy booklet contains materials through which the students will increase vocabulary, and form and develop concepts related to Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation.

English for Nutrition and Dietetics
This booklet is designed specifically for Nutrition and Dietetics students at Near East University Preparatory School. The booklet offers students a comprehensive terminology which will be help them throughout their education.

English for Physchology Students
This booklet is prepared for Physchology students at NEU Preparatory school. The main aim of the booklet is to help students with the departmental terminology and concepts.

English for Economics and Administrative Sciences
This booklet offers Economics and Administrative Sciences students extra reading,vocabulary and grammar materials through which they will improve their language skills. The booklet also helps the students with the terminology through commonly used dialoques.

General English for Summer School Course
This booklet is specifically designed to teach summer school students reading,writing,speaking and listening skills intensively .