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She was born in Lefkoşa, in 1960. Her father was a well-known building contractor and her mother was a house-wife. She received her primary and secondary education in Lefkoşa and graduated from Lefkoşa Türk Lisesi in 1978. Following this, she joined her family in Benghazi, Libya, where her father was working at the time. She attended Garyounis University there, which is Libya’s oldest and first university, and studied English Language and Literature.

Her desire was to continue her education in England, so she left Libya in 1980 and went to London, obtaining her teaching diploma in 1983. Having been recently married in London, she attended Pitman’s College, Wimbledon, London, in 1984 and studied Business Studies and Secretarial Skills to enable her to work for her husband’s company as a director.

Several years later, she decided to go into teaching and she worked as a teacher at various schools, mostly in the public sector, for many years. As a subject teacher, she taught English to English-speaking students; and maths, science, history and performing arts as a classroom teacher. She worked with pupils of diverse background and of all ages. Throughout her teaching career in England, she continued to further her knowledge and keep her teaching methods up-to-date by attending courses and seminars, gaining certificates and expertise in various fields of education. She was particularly interested in dyslexia and she completed a Phono-Graphix course, which is an innovative, clinical approach to reading, and was awarded a certificate to teach dyslexic students. She is still a member of the Phono-Graphix society.

She moved to Cyprus in 2006, and has been teaching English as a second language at the Preparatory School, Near East University. She is currently teaching English to pharmacy students.

Rezan enjoys travelling and meeting new people. She is interested in ancient Indian and Chinese medicine and alternative healing methods, and more recently in metaphysical sciences. She has attended many seminars and workshops on these subject areas. She also enjoys drama and acting and has performed in various productions. She is currently a member of KADS. She is married and has a son.