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Fatoş Mayın was born on 6 January ,1963 in Ortaköy .She went to Şehit Ertuğrul Primary school .After graduating from Türk Maarif College in 1981 she started Gazi University ,Faculty of Education ,Department of English .In 1985 she graduated and started teaching at Yülseliş College in Ankara.In 1987 she started working at Ankara University as a lecturer at the faculty of agricuture .From 1990 until she retired in 2006 she was the Head of Language teaching and Education Department of the faculty.During this time she attended many seminers and she founded a language lab and a speaking club.After retirement she started working at Gazi University, Foundation Private College .She was the head of English .She went to Brighton University summer camp in 2008 .In 2010 she came back to Cyprus and started working at Near East College .She was the responsible coordinator of Language Classes .In September 2014 she started workin at the prep school .She has two daughters .