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Born in Malatya, on 29 December, 1961. In1968, Enis Sayman moved to Izmir where he completed his Primary and Secondary education. In 1985, he graduated from the Department of English Language Teaching at Dokuz Eylül University,in Izmir.

He carried out duties of management and teaching in the tourism sector and in a private language school. Subsequently, he completed his military service as Reserve Officer at Maltepe Military High School in Izmir.

In 1989, Enis Sayman came to Cyprus and in the same year joined the Near East Family (Near East University) after which he was to share, alongside his career, his life as a member of this family.

Enis Sayman is honoured to have witnessed, on 20 January, 1990, the laying of the foundation of this superb campus where he is still pursuing his duties and again on 28 September of the same year the opening of the first campus building.
Blending the qualities of duty, responsibility and loyalty, Enis Sayman has worked as the Head of Student Affairs, English Preparatory School and as lecturer in the Department of English Language Teaching, respectively.

Appointed to the Head of English Preparatory School of Near East University in1998, Enis Sayman is currently at his post.