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Dilek Akıncı was born in Nicosia, Cyprus on 19 October 1968. After she graduated from Şehit Tuncer Primary School in 1980, she continued her secondary education in Türk Maarif College and graduated in 1986. After college, she studied English Language Teaching at Hacettepe University. She graduated from Hacettepe University in 1990 and has been working as an English teacher at the Near East University since then.She has served as a coordinator in the Preparatory School of Near East University as well. Dilek Akıncı has also been interested in folk dancing for more than 30 years and she has represented her country as a dancer, instructor and administrator in a number of national and international folk dance festivals and competitions both at home and abroad. She has attended various seminars, conferences and workshops on English Language Teaching and Folk Dance. She is a member of International Organisations of Folk Art ( IOV ) .