Academic Staff

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Title Name-Surname Position Department E-mail Tel
Enis SAYMAN Director [email protected] 5389
Deniz MASERA ALTAY Deputy Director [email protected] 5390
Arhun ERSOY Coordinator External Courses and Admin [email protected] 5390
Gamze Peler ŞAHOĞLU [email protected] 5431
Selen TALAT [email protected] 5429
Aslı KASABALI Coordinator Faculty English Programme Unit [email protected] 5430
Aydın BEYZADE [email protected] 5431
Bengi ALTINER [email protected] 5430
Bilun ALİOĞLU [email protected] 5429
Ceyda BARKIN [email protected] 5429
Cihan MEHMET Coordinator Quality Improvement Unit [email protected] 5390
Eda AŞILMAZ Coordinator Testing Unit [email protected] 5430
Elvan YAMAÇ [email protected] 5431
Emine EFETÜRK [email protected] 5430
Emıne KOSKER [email protected] 5430
Fatma HAMİDAN [email protected] 5430
Fatoş MAYIN [email protected] 5429
Funda AŞARDAĞ [email protected] 5429
Gülşah TURAN [email protected] 5430
Gülsün GÜNEŞ [email protected] 5430
İnanç UÇARÖZ Coordinator Curriculum and Material Development Unit [email protected] 5430
Inna EREMENKO [email protected] 5430
İpek BARUT GARİP [email protected] 5431
Lalehan DEMİRCAN [email protected] 5429
Meys HAMDAN [email protected] 5430
Nadezda SARLOVSKA [email protected] 5430
Özcan İlginç DEMİRSU [email protected] 5429
Pembe KURTDERELİ BİLGİÇ [email protected] 5431
Raif MUHTAROĞLU [email protected] 5429
Rezzan ŞEKERZADE [email protected] 5431
Seda ÇAKMAK Admin Coordinator [email protected] 5390
Semra ÖZALEV PARLAK [email protected] 5431
Sertan ERES [email protected] 5431
Tılsım RAIF [email protected] 5431
Zalihe AKSULAR [email protected] 5429
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