Psychological Counselling Center

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General Information
Psychological Counselling and Guidance Research Centre was established in the year of 1995 under the Near East University Rectorship. The centre is providing free service to all our students.

The aim of the Centre is to help our students to enhance their adaptation to the new conditions of life, give the ability to deal with the problems that students face with, improve their perspectives and support to produce alternative solutions and implement the alternative solutions to their real lives. In addition to guidance services, the Centre gives psychotherapy sessions to the students who have psychological disorders.

In the Centre, scientific research is also being carried out related to the any type of subject.

Basic Principles of the PCGRC
The service at Centre is provided in an environment of personal respect, privacy, trust. The documents of the clients after the interviews are stored and kept in separated files in order not to divulge the client’s personal identity under the trust policy..

Students are directed to trained experts such as special education expert and psychiatrist in the absence of expert specialist psychologists.

On behalf of the principle of impartiality, it is now allowed to build a close relationship with the clients. During the counselling, consultant does not answer or give any advises to client. Only the clients know and can make the best decision about their own lives. For that purpose consultant can only help the clients to increase productivity or lead the clients to reveal the self confidence emotion so as to help client him/her self in order to be able to find alternative ways of learning by looking the actions form a different angle. Consultant cannot make any decision on the behalf of the client for any reason. Psychologists register the interviews that have been made with the clients however the records and private information cannot be shared even for the supervision purpose in accordance with the privacy policy and the records cannot be registered as an academic document. Some tests may be done in order to understand client’s problems better. The tests can be interpreted by the expert psychologist however they cannot be shared with anybody in accordance with the privacy policy. The private policy shall not be taken notice of only in situations where it can damage the client or the people or environment around the client. However this can be only done by obtaining a permission to share with client’s family or the people who are concerned with the client.

Willingness of the client is essential for the psychological support. The task of the client must be done in order to get benefit from the support progress.

The client can never be judged for his/her;

  • Thoughts
  • Beliefs
  • Value judgements
  • Lifestyle
  • Feelings
  • Behaviours

How can you understand that you need a psychological support ?

  • If you concerned about the future,
  • If you think that there is nobody around you to share your feelings and thoughts,
  • f you think that you do not understand anything from the topics that you cover and forget everything that you study before,
  • If you feel yourself very tired
  • If you often feel yourself unhappy, sad and lonely
  • If you think and believe that you will not be able to adopt the new environment.
  • If you have difficulties sleeping and waking up.
  • If you have meaningless feelings and think that you do not have any solution to your problems

That means that you need psychological support. The people who apply for the psychological counselling are the ones who are brave and keen to solve the problems.

The benefit which would be taken from the counselling differs from person to person. Therefore there is no any exact time for the counselling. The psychological counselling period is mutual and it is up to client to speed up the therapy period. The psychologist knows his/her responsibility very well. Therefore during the meeting time, the client can put into words the tasks that he/she has been given by the expert in order to speed up the therapy period. The therapy period will not be easy therefore the clients should take their time and work at the tasks given by the experts.

Where is PCGRC and how it provides services for the students?
Our centre is located at ground floor of the Law Faculty.

It is essential to get an appointment for the psychological counselling.

The 45-minute meetings are held at least once a week. It may be then increased the number of the meetings according to the client’s psychological violence level.

The meetings are held during the midweek from 9:00 to 13:00 and from 14:00 to 16:00.

The meetings are all free to NEU students.

You can visit our website for more information.