Distance Learning Center

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The proliferation of the information and development of the technology causes the individuals improve themselves day by day and share the information that they gained. New information such as the spread of the information networks, development of social media, reflection of the long life education to the distance education makes an increase in the significance of the Distance Learn. The program was opened in order to help the individuals in a more effective way by providing a quality education service so as to learn distance learn philosophy.

The Distance Learn Centre of NEU is a corporate member of European Distance and E-Learning Network since September 2013. EDEN is such an institution with its dynamic developing network structure that joins 430 universities from 57 countries from all over the world within the professional experts. It was established in England in 1991 and headquarter in Budapest Technical and Economy University in 1997.

Distance Learn Centre of NEU is responsible from students learning, continuously keeps the information updated, support the team work learning, provides individuals to share the information, holds the equality concept in education, follow the developments in technology, presents the inner course contents in a dynamic and plural way.

Our aim is to increase the productivity of the education for the students that this leads them to access the education whenever and wherever they would like to. This will be an indispensable education service opportunity like in any other field of the NEU in a quality way.

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Hüseyin BİCEN
Distance Learning Centre President

Distance Learning Center

Distance Learning Center of NEU is corporate member of European Distance and E-Learning Network(EDEN).