Dialysis Centre of Near East University Hospital

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The Dialysis Centre provides health services through the utilization of 8 machines which are of the latest technology (4008 S Fresenius). Patients are kept under close observation throughout the dialysis process by doctors and nurses who are specialized in this field. The treatments of the dialysis patients are supervised by a nephrologist, Prof. Dr. Soner Duman. Patients with Hepatitis B (HBV+) and Hepatitis C (HCV+) are provided with an opportunity to take their treatments in isolated rooms with separate dialysis machines.

As the water quality is directly related to the health of the dialysis patients, the centre utilizes water purification systems to enable the usage of purified water (Reverse Osmosis) necessary for the dilution of concentrated haemodialysis solutions.The centre also provides opportunity for emergencyhaemodialysis to patients; with acute diseases, with diabetes, and with cardiovascular problems.

The dieticians working at this centre provide help and support on balancing the fluid and dietary intake, which play a vital role in maintaining the health of the patients. In this regard, dieticians design diet plans which are based on the principle that “every diet should be totally individualized”. For this reason, age, blood values, weight, extra diseases which a haemodialysis patient might have suffer from are all meticulously considered when designing a diet plan for the haemodialysis patients.