Centre of Smoking Cessation of Hospital of NEU

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IQS (I QUIT SMOKING) is an international smoking cessation network. IQS method which is used in 35 countries is totally natural and there is not any side effect. This network helps cigarette addicts to quit smoking easily and without any pain. This proven method is available for those who want to quit smoking in HOSPITAL of NEU with a 90 percent success rate. The IQS program is carried out with a patented R.I.S.E. (Reflection Instrument Scanning Electropulse) device and it lasts for 6 months. Smoking cessation is very reliable treatment which is offering personalized support and personal consultancy.

In IQS system, first of all a personal card with a chip is prepared. These cards include specific information such as the age of the person, the duration of the smoking period, the duration of pressure point massage and its severity. The device sends electromagnetic waves from ear to brain leading beta endorphin hormone to be secreted. Endorphin secretion is increased by longer stimulations for the first three days of therapy. Then, duration of stimulations is kept shorter in order to decrease endorphin secretion for the next session. The applicants have the right to get 5 séances process for 6 months. In 15 days, the physical addiction, between 3 and 6 months the physiological addiction will over. In the first session, the success rate of inhibiting nicotine receptors is 70 percent and in the second session this rate is 90 percent. Consequently the nicotine uptake is blocked. Therefore, the craving for nicotine is diminished. Even in non smokers, when something unusual occurs within the body, hormones are secreted by relevant tissues or organs to overcome the problem. However, in smokers, the hormone levels are significantly decreased and become insufficient to meet the need. As IQS system inhibits the nicotinic receptors and blocks the uptake of nicotine, the smokers do not need nicotine. After the treatment, smokers feel themselves happy, energetic, active and vivid.

The smokers who decided to quit smoking are able to take treatment with IQS method and expert physiologists at the Hospital of NEU. Say hello to a non smoking life through IQS method and live healthy!

Physiologist Specialist Tuğçe DENİZGİL
Chairperson of Centre of Smoking Cessation of Hospital of NEU