Tissue Engineering and Biomaterial Research Center

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Tissue Engineering and Biomaterial Research Center was established in 2014 within the structure of the Center of Excellence of Near East University. Tissue engineering is an emerging multidisciplinary field involving biology, medicine, materials and engineering that is likely to revolutionize the ways to improve the health and quality of life for people worldwide. This research area is highly important specialty requiring specialized training and interdisciplinary collaboration in order to provide and sustain services for mankind. The fundamental objective of the Center is to serve as a bridge between basic scientists, engineers and medical scientists in establishing interdisciplinary collaboration.

As the first and only Tissue Engineering and Biomaterials Research Center in TRNC, we are committed to provide unique solutions for health problems of the society by enhancing the accumulation of information via research in the field of basic and applied biomedical sciences and serve as a bridge to promote cross-disciplinary collaboration between scientists and engineers regarding this issue.

We are committed to be the leading Research Center in contributing to the issues concerning engineering and biomaterials and underlying sciences leading to developments and innovations that will help to prolong and improve quality of life. We are devoted to ensure interdisciplinary information network and to develop quality research and application systems for the multidisciplinary and global challenges through collaboration with national and international organizations.