Strategy and Energy Policies Research Center

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Strategy and Energy Policies Research Center

Since 1950s, Cyprus Island has become both threats and sometimes opportunities for USA, EU and Russia because of the conflicting interests of two nations living in the Island (Turkish Cypriots and Greek Cypriots) and three countries which are NATO Allies (England, Greece and Turkey). The issues around Cyprus made those countries to be involved in the Cyprus problem.

Cyprus problem has been on the agenda of international societies over sixty years and a solution is still expected to be found. The problem caused loss of the lives and the assets of the Turkish and Greek Cypriots. Besides, Cyprus problem made both nations to live in uncertainty and worry about their futures. Cyprus problem also has gained an international dimension because of being both local and international threat to international peace and safety. Therefore approval of the international society is required for the solution.

SEPRC of NEU aims to generate ideas with different motion options and provide enlightening information to public opinion and decision making authorities with a purpose of better understanding the international political issues and taking the convenient positions in that field. Therefore the establishment aim of the centre is to make predictions towards future by following the developments in the world particularly TRNC and Turkey, presents real, dynamic solution suggestions and politics towards national interests with decision authorities by making economical, legal, cultural, political scientific research, examination, analyses and evaluation towards the structural, geopolitical, mutual, local and multi regional international relationships of TRNC.

Our main aim is to foster the quality works of cross-disciplinary intellectuals and competent researches specialized in their fields in order to create efficient solution suggestions relevant to Cyprus negotiations, and to provide ease in hosting academician, bureaucrats, state authorities, strategists, journalists, businessmen and the representatives of STK, and to provide opportunities in sharing information and knowledge between both TRNC/Turkey and world public opinion.

Our world is experiencing a rapid changing process began with Glasnost and Perestroika that lead to disintegration of SSRU in the last quarter of 20th Century. Consequently, the Cold War came to an end and globalization concept highly affected individuals, societies and the medium of international relations. Equilibrium of power that lasted for centuries has changed. In the line, the foundations of the new world order have been put up.

The states which managed to keep up with this changing benefit the wealth and richness of the world ultimately. Those who could not keep up with this changing, suffer from hardening and complicating economic problems. Therefore, determination of appropriate policies for oncoming future in accordance with economical and political factors that changing rapidly in our days and to be successful in applying these policies are important.

When we examine the Turkish History, it can be easily seen that wise men with well established knowledge were at the background of the successes achieved in the past. It is essential that to gather dynamic researchers having different race, disciplines and opinions under one roof in order to keep up with the latest developments all around the world, determine the realistic predictions about future and produce the right policies.

As SEPRC, our vision is to produce alternative policies through realistic ideas and raise the professionals who will be able to produce and carry out these policies.