Operational Research Center in Healthcare

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Near East University’s Operational Research Center in Healthcare is widely regarded as a world leader in applying multi-criteria decision-making methods to health processes and the use of artificial intelligence to address healthcare challenges. As the Near East University’s 33rd research center, we develop and apply advanced analytical methodologies to improve healthcare decision-making. Our team is interdisciplinary with experts in medicine, engineering, mathematics, and laboratory medicine. We promote valuable information, systematic decision making, and the application of Artificial Intelligence in solving healthcare problems. Additionally, the center conducts multidisciplinary research that integrates engineering, applied, and social sciences through scientific methods.

In the face of ever-increasing global health challenges, including the spread of COVID-19 infection, vaccine development, vaccine approval, improved logistics for vaccine delivery, hope for a healthy life in resurgent space exploration, and many others, decision-making has emerged as a critical area of research. Decision-making is critical in health policy and medical practice since it directly impacts the population’s well-being.

Decision-making analysis focuses on how rational choices are made and how they might be improved when faced with complexities, ambiguity, and conflicting values. Decision-making is primarily concerned with accomplishing a goal based on available and relevant information at the individual or organizational level. Additionally, decision-making is an analytical and systematic approach to problem-solving.