NEU- IBM Advanced Research Center

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The basic mission of the “NEU-IBM Advanced Research Centre” is to support the mission of the “NEU-The basic mission of the “NEU-IBM Advanced Research Centre” is to support the mission of the “NEU-IBM Innovation Centre” by providing the necessary “advanced scientific research” infrastructure.

The “NEU-IBM Advanced Research Centre” established on the NEU Campus will not only contribute to the creation of the TRNC Research Area pursuant to the missions of both the European Research Area (ERA) and the Turkish Research Area but will also, through cooperation with other research areas, steer towards multi partnership projects that will create a synergy with respect to “advanced research” and provide the excellent atmosphere to carry out “advanced research and development” studies on national, regional, and international platforms.

The Scientific And Technological Activity Areas of the “NEU-IBM Advanced Research Centre” are as follows:

  • Engineering
  • Medical Sciences
  • Mathematics
  • Physics
  • Chemistry
  • Environmental Sciences
  • Life Sciences
  • Social Science
  • Architecture
  • Arts
  • Astronomy and Astrophysics

The “NEU-IBM Advanced Research Centre” will pave the way for the TRNC to become a base for research in the Mediterranean region. In this centre of NEU, scientific research will be performed in various areas such as climate, earthquake simulation, medicine, pharmacy, nanotechnology and genetic technology. NEU will continue to deploy new and developing technologies. The centre will also provide researchers from all over the world with the opportunities to take advantage of our super computers and our “innovation centre” for carrying out their scientific research and projects.

These Are The “Neu-Ibm Innovation Centre” Areas Of Activity

  • To provide an innovation based atmosphere for the cooperation between research & development centers, entrepreneurs and NEU.
  • To produce technological data.
  • To maintain innovation in products (goods/service) and in production of scientific methods in relevant fields.
  • To increase the quality and the standard of products,
  • To increase productivity,
  • To decrease the cost of production,
  • To help in the use and transfer of technology and information,
  • To commercialize the technological data and create opportunity for the researchers and entrepreneurs of this field to materialize and market their products.
  • To encourage small and medium size industrialists in adapting to new and progressive technologies,
  • To provide the competitive dynamics for the economy of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus by supplying the technological and the other necessary opportunities, thus to contribute to maintain a sustainable development of the TRNC,
  • To support students of NEU in their education, learning and research,
  • To extend students’ knowledge, skills and creativity, to create the opportunity for them to design vocational projects and to implement them,
  • To provide world-wide training for students of NEU.
  • To provide high quality global employment opportunities for the graduates of NEU.