Near East Institute

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Near East Institute (NEI) was established to carry out both theoretical and practical studies and fulfill educational activities with an interdisciplinary approach in the field of local, regional and global areas. Within its fundamental objectives, NEI is committed to bring social, economical and cultural processes into life in Cyprus and area of Near East. It is also devoted to offer the evaluation of these processes through analytic and scientific perspective. Moreover it aims to organize facilities interacted with society.

The aims of NEI;

  • To create versatile projects coordinating within the framework of the thematic weeks in the field of different science and put those projects into practice.
  • To have the responsibility of the consultancy of inspection or/and policy production on social, cultural, economical, strategically and scientifically subjects which holds an important place for the society nearby the area of Near East.
  • To provide education services to students and the different units of society through certificate and research exchange programs.
  • To create new projects interacted with the students and society with thematic facility weeks.
  • To give scientific support to the projects which this will be beneficial to society.
    Through co-operation and academic exchange programs, to build an academic bridge between the whole international societies and Cyprus particularly Near East.
  • The staff of NEI consists of the researchers who became experts in the field of international relations, political sciences, international law, sociology, media and communication. The experts put these facilities into practice in an efficient way with the institutions and organizations of civil society.

In this context, NEI carry out archiving and reporting activities in the field of science on different subjects which students, academicians, different individuals in the society and policy-makers can get benefit from these processes. Moreover the events such as panels, conferences and workshops are organized in order to increase the level of consciousness and experience of the individuals.

The NEI is also improving the ability to provide researchers which might be needed in the interdisciplinary projects through network communication between academicians day by day. In addition to this, NEI extends the institutional bilateral and multilateral relations which are important in the institutional co-operation at the multi-national or multi-institutional research projects. In this context, NEI aims to carry out considerable advancements on collaborative project work and research exchange programs while it is in institutional interaction with the both regional and international research centre.