Innovation and Information Technologies Center

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The Near East University, in cooperation with IBM, has established the NEU Innovation and Information Technologies Center which is the center of research-development and innovation facilities, and the basis of NEU TechnoPark.

The sole aim of this Center is to be in service and offer training in cooperation with NEU-IBM Advanced Research Center as well as providing background necessary for advanced scientific research, and achieving to a level where the center will be an attraction center to carry out research, development and innovation activities not only in TRNC, but also in the region and world.

As explained briefly in Oslo Guide prepared by OECD and EU, innovation refers to new or improved goods or services, or methods and opinions which are also marketable.

The Near East University regards research-development and innovation as the fundamental roots of science and technology, which are two strategic variables; and also regards all these constituents as the most important dynamic factor for the economic development, social development, improvement of life conditions, and ensuring a sustainable future; and believes that solidarity of these elements require continuous cooperation of university, industry, and community.

In accordance with this belief and taking its privileged place at all levels of lifelong learning and educational process, NEU, as a part of its mission, put this important project into life in order to guide its people and all humanity in providing a sustainable future.

The Innovation and Information Technologies Center is going to lead to the establishment of TRNC Research Area in accordance with the mission of European Research Area (ERA) and Turkey Research Area (TARAL), and has participated in projects which were organized by multi-partnership and resulted with international synergy, and will continue to participate. Moreover, the Center offers an excellent atmosphere for carrying out research, development and innovation facilities for institutions both from TRNC, Turkey and overseas, at the national and international level.

The Innovation and Information Technologies Center is the only one founded in the region including Eastern Europe, the Middle East, Central Asia and Northern Africa. The new super computer assembled in the Center, with its advanced platform, is ranked 76th in the world, 13th amongst the ones owned by certain developed countries and is ranked 10th amongst the universities in the world.

The system has the capacity to aid and develop scientific research. The Infrastructure has been designed to continue future investments over it.

As it is one of the fundamental aspects of our vision, the concept of innovation is expected to affect all stages of education and training starting from Pre School to life long learning facilities. This mission, which turned to be a tradition in our institutional objectives, refers to the mission of guiding and leading our society and mankind in achieving to a sustainable future under an institutional identity.